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    Here are some resources for teachers regarding copyright that may be helpful.

    Student privacy laws mitigate the need to have clarity on what APP's we can allow in classrooms.  The  CUSD Veted APP's file outlines by APP the risk of privacy considerations: Privacy Guidebook, Created by F3, CETPA and CCSESA “Ask Before You App” 6-minute video for professional development, Created by F3, CETPA and CommonSense Education.  A great tool for new hire orientation and trainings/staff meetings with administrators, teachers, coaches and adjunct staff. 


    Copyright Guidelines: - Definitions of copyright and answers to common questions. - A list to see if something is in the public domain. - Site detailing public domain music and other royalty free music. - Site where artists have given permission for K-12 students and teachers to use their music in entirety without asking for permission. - Good place to read more about citing resources and also to get resources people willingly share. Some folks ask to be given attribution in specific ways. - Where to go to get a license to show movies for educational instructional purposes. - Where to go to get a license to show movies at school functions not related to instructional purposes...parent night, after school time, half-day school classroom parties. - Information about teachers taping something to show in the classroom.