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    Dublin Unified School District's Board of Education has approved an integrated Learning Technology Plan in response to the Vision 20/20 Strategic Plan for 2015-2018.  Here is the process that led to the approved plan:
    • Meetings occurred across stakeholder groups to solicit input on best practices and integration with current pedagogy
    • Surveys for teacher satisfaction with technology support were provided to staff in March and May of 2015 for baseline data
    • Research was gathered and evaluated for support in setting goals connected to district CCCS initiatives
    The Learning Technology Plan was introduced to the Board at the May 26, 2015 regular Board meeting.  Here are the research resources used to support the creation of the Learning Technology Plan:

    Appendix A: Technology Skills and the Common Core State Standards
    Appendix B: The Fresno Digital Literacy & Technology Skills
    Appendix C: Long Beach Scope and Sequence for Digital Literacy and Technology Skills
    Appendix D-Amador Plan.pdf 
    Appendix E-DUSD-CCSS K-12 Technology Scope and Sequence.pdf 
    Appendix F- DUSD Student Enrollment Devices.pdf
    Appendix G-2015-2016 PD Calendar.pdf