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    DUSD APP Agreements Student privacy laws mitigate the need to have clarity on what APP's we can allow in classrooms.  Instructional Software must follow district guidelines in concert with Vision 20/20, LCAP and agreed Board adopted Curriculum. Please complete and submit to your Principal or Department Lead the Instructional Software Approval Form.  The CUSD Veted APP's file outlines by APP the risk of privacy considerations: New push towards privacy with F3/CETPA/counties/schools
    Please read our Google related Dublin Unified Google FAQ.  Google Education Apps, in AB 1584 Compliance, Data Privacy Guidebook, Created by F3, CETPA and CCSESA “Ask Before You App” 6-minute video for professional development, Created by F3, CETPA and CommonSense Education.  A great tool for new hire orientation and trainings/staff meetings with administrators, teachers, coaches and adjunct staff.  Any questions about your child and privacy can be directed to Traci Bonde, CTO