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Dublin High School

8151 Village Parkway × Dublin, CA 94568

   (925) 833-3300 × Fax (925) 833-3322

         CEEB-ACT Code: 050784



                                                                                            Principal: Carol Shimizu


                                                                                                  Profile: 2014-15



Dublin High School, a California Distinguished School, is a comprehensive 9-12 public high school.

It is the only comprehensive high school in the Dublin Unified School District.


Enrollment: 2100                            Class of  2014:  432                    Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:29


Accreditation: Western Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges

School Year: Two semesters           

School Day: Seven periods offered, all students required to take six

Ethnic Makeup:   53% -Caucasian      16% -Asian       15% -Hispanic         1.4% -Pacific Islander

 8% -African-American                      5% -Filipino               0.6% Native American



Dublin is a growing suburban community of approximately 48,000 located 40 miles east of San Francisco.



The certificated faculty includes four administrators, five full-time counselors and ninety-eight teachers.


Graduation Requirements

Students must earn 230 credits to graduate (five credits per semester for courses completed with a grade of "D" or better).  Credits must include: four years of English, three years of social studies, three years of mathematics (must include one year of algebra), three years of science (one biological, one physical), two years of physical education, two levels of world language, one year in two of the areas of applied arts/fine arts, and one semester of health.


Grading System                                  Grade Points                         Weighted


A = Excellent                                                     4                                     5

B = Good                                                           3                                     4

C = Average                                                      2                                     3

D = Passing                                                        1                                     1

F = Failure                                                          0                                     0



We do not rank our students.




DHS offers three academies: The Culinary Arts Academy, Dublin Engineering Design Academy, and the new

Health Science and Medical Technology Academy          


College Placement

            Class of 2014   Two-Year College: 45%            Four-Year College: 50%  (Other 5%- military and full-time work)        





Mean SAT Scores                                                          Mean ACT Scores                                                                                                        Reading  Math     Writing                       Eng.         Math      Reading    Science    Comp.                                               

                National Mean ’14              497        513        487                                           20.3               20.9        21.3          20.8         21

                State Mean ‘14                   498          510            496                                             21.8                       25.2        22.3          21.7         22.3


DHS Class ’14                    538          559                 534   (277 students)            25.2                                25.5      25.7       24.6       25.4 (160 students)



National Merit Scholarship Competition

            Class of 2014: 9 Commended Students and 5 Finalists/Scholarship Winners     Class of 2015: 7 Semi-finalists as of 9/2014


Advanced Placement Scores

In May 2014, 541 students took 775 AP exams with an 88 % passing rate as follows:

Students                     Score                   Percent

                                                       125                            5                       29 %

 181                           4                        34 %

 166                           3                        25 %


College-Preparatory Courses

The underlined “a-g” courses will be assigned extra honors credit for the University of California and California

State University systems.  The courses with an asterisk (*) are also weighted on DHS transcripts:


a - History

U.S. History, US History (AP)*, World History, European History (AP)*, Civics, Government and Politics (AP)*


b - English

English 1-4, English 1 Adv., English 2 Adv., English 3H (HP)*, English Literature(AP)*, English Language (AP)*, Science Fiction Literature, Expository Writing


c - Mathematics († may only be used for the "c" requirement)

†Algebra, †Geometry, †Algebra II, Algebra II/Trig., Trigonometry, Trigonometry/Pre-calculus, Single Variable Calculus,

Statistics, Statistics (AP)*, Calculus AB (AP),* Calculus BC (AP)*


d - Laboratory Science

Conceptual Physics, Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Honors Anatomy (HP)*, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry (HP)*, Chemistry (AP)*, Physics, Physics (AP)*, ROP Environmental Science (AP)*, Biology (AP)*, Biotechnology,

Forensic Science


e - World Language

French 1-3, French 4 (HP), French Lang. (AP)*, Spanish 1-3, Spanish 4 (HP)*, Spanish Language (AP)*, Spanish Literature (AP)*, Chinese Mandarin 1-3, Chinese 4 (HP)*, Chinese Language (HP)*, American Sign Language 1


f - Visual and Performing Arts:  Advanced Bands, Jazz Ensemble, Drawing, Sculpture and Ceramics, Concert Choir,

      Drama, Advanced Drama, 2-D Design, ROP Visual Communications, Intermediate Drawing & Painting 


             g - Elective Courses

History: All courses listed under "a"

English: All courses listed under "b", plus Speech and Debate

Advanced Mathematics: All courses beyond Algebra II listed under "c"

Laboratory Science: All courses listed under "d" plus ROP Environmental Science, ROP Sports Medicine

Foreign Language: All courses listed under "e"

Social Science: Economics, Microeconomics (AP)*, Psychology, Psychology (AP)*, Ethnic & Cultural Diversity,

America in the 1960’s, Law and Society, World War II, Civil War in America

Other: ROP Economics of Business Ownership, AVID Senior Seminar, Child Growth and Development,

ROP Developmental Psychology of Children, Principles of Engineering (PLTW), Introduction to Engineering

Design (PLTW), Computer Programming, Principles of Biomedical Science (PLTW), ROP Computer Integrated Manufacturing (PLTW)