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Home school

Independent Study (Grades 7-12) 
 Independent Study is an educational option that enables students to more fully realize their potential by offering a flexible learning environment. The ideal candidate is any individual who is motivated and able to work on their own without direct daily instruction. The curriculum provides a standards-based education as provided by the California Department of Education. Students who graduate from Independent Study (I.S.) go on to four year CSU’s and UC’s, private and community colleges, full-time careers, and the military.  

Independent Study is a great alternative for those who are enrolled in Dublin Unified School District’s Regional Occupation Program (ROP), are dealing with illness, participating in competitive sports, working, or getting a head start on their college courses by attending a local community college. Currently, I.S. is available for 7th through 8th grade full time (They can take one class, either P.E., Music, or a World Language at their school of registration) and 9th through 12th grade, either full time or as a concurrently enrolled student (2 classes at DHS and 4 at Independent Study). Students agree to meet a minimum of one hour a week with their teacher of record, who assigns the lessons for all subjects to be handed in the following week. Tests and quizzes are completed at the center. Our staff consists of certificated English, History, Science, Math, Art, and P.E. teachers. Assistance is always available by appointments or via e-mail. Also, all core subjects and many electives are offered online. 

 If you are already registered in the district, a good place to start is with your school counselor. You may also contact Tammi Cichowski at 925-829-4322 ext.7971.

Home School (Grades K-6)                           Home School 1

Dublin Unified School District is committed to meeting the needs of all our families. We understand that families play an integral role in the education of their children.

Home schooling is a new option for Dublin families who want to remain connected to the public school offerings and home school their children. We offer fully credentialed teacher assistance to our parents and follow the California State Standards utilizing state adopted text materials and online options.

The Dublin Unified School District home school program is designed for parents who choose to educate their children at home instead of in a classroom setting. Students study at their own pace using materials provided by the school district and working closely with the parent. A teacher consults with the parent on a regular basis to promote a positive home schooling experience.

Thanks in part to modern technology, home school curriculum and information is becoming readily available across our nation. A recent study by the ITBS (Iowa Tests of Basic Skills) and TAP (Tests of Achievement and Proficiency) batteries show that students of home schools do exceptionally well when compared with the nationwide average.

For students currently in the district, please work through your school counselor or administrator to transfer to Home School.
For students outside Dublin Unified School District:
If you would like more information about either program, you may call or email Tammi Cichowski at (925) 829 4322 ext 7971 or Kristin Toney, Home School Teacher at (925) 829 4322 ext 7933. (When emailing from outside the district, please put dpride in the subject line in order to bypass our spam filter.)
Home School Application: