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The Dublin Unified School District has recently rolled out a new Online Option for courses for our high school students. The new program is referred to as OPS (Online Programs for Students).  Supervised by a highly qualified, certificated classroom teacher, students are able to take a course in a web-based, media rich environment through a program called OdysseyWare™.

Current DUSD Board Policy allows students to take up to 20 credits of high school course work through an online program. No more than 10 credits per individual subject area may be taken online.

 If your student is interested in taking a class through the Dublin Unified School District OPS, they must meet with their school counselor and complete the application. Students will be assigned an online instructor and may be required to meet with the instructor on a regular basis depending upon their individual needs. Online education is not for everyone. Students must be motivated to learn in an independent setting and able to manage their time efficiently.

Grades K-8: See Home Schooling/Independent Study Information

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