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    New Families Registration Information

    Registration for new students in grades 1-12 will begin on April 1, 2016.
    Developmental Kindergarten & Kindergarten registration is open online
    Kindergarten & DKA Forms will be accepted beginning March 9 at your school of residence. 
       Please read this page in its entirety before
                                                                        beginning the registration process                                                                                                                       
    STEP 1:  Apply for Registration ONLINE
    (If registering for DKA, Developmental Kindergarten Academy, please select "K" as grade level as DKA is part of the 2 year Kinder program).

    STEP 2: Complete all documents online
    STEP 3: Print Summary Page BEFORE clicking submit
    STEP 4: Bring Online Summary Page, Student Emergency Health Form and the original documentation
    (with copies for the school site) listed below to the school of residence office.
    Forms may also be filled out and printed at home
    ***If you have submitted an inter district transfer request for the 2016-2017 school year, you may NOT begin the registration process until you have received your approval letter. Once you have received your approval letter, you may begin the registration process. Thank you for your patience.

    Welcome to the Dublin Unified School District!  In order to register your student(s) in school, please bring the following original documents (along with copies for the school) to your resident school(s) after completing the online registration. Do not wait for a call from the school/district. It is your responsibility to complete the enrollment process at the school of residence.

    1. Current Immunization Record
    2. Withdrawal form and (transcript for grades 9-12) from previous school (if school is currently in progress)
    3. Verification of birth date for student (one of the following)
                * Birth Certificate
                * Passport
                * Baptismal Certificate
        4.  TWO Proofs of Residency, noting parents name and address
             ONE being a current mortgage receipt coupon, closing escrow papers OR rental contract
             with current dates AND ONE being a current utility bill (PG&E, water or homeowner or
             rental insurance)
        5.  Health Documentation regarding special medical concerns your student may have.
        6.  Guardianship: Legal documentation that verifies full-time guardianship if student
             does not live in one household full-time. Secondary household form - if student lives part time at a second address.
        7.  Special Education Plan (IEP) If enrolled in Special Education classes. 
        8.  You may Apply for Registration ONLINE if you have an email address and are the Primary Household. 
    The process for Applying For Registration has a few steps to the process. Please read everything carefully before you begin. You will be asked to gather the following information:
    a. Household information(where the student resides in Dublin) - address and phone numbers
    b. Parent information - work and cell phone numbers, email addresses
    c. Student information - birthdate, health and medication information
    d. A minimum of 2 emergency contacts - phone numbers and email addresses 
     Please note: Your enrollment is not complete until you have taken the documentation to the school of residence to complete the enrollment process.
                                You will NOT receive a phone call from the district letting you know the next steps.
             ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS required for enrollment can be found at your designated school site once your application has been approved. Please visit your Resident School's Website and click on the 'Fall Check-In....' Headline page. Fall Check-In dates for your Resident School are also available on their Websites.