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    Ms Johnson

    Name:  Erin Johnson, M.A.; P.P.S.C.

    School Counselor

    Grade Level: K-5


    Dublin Elementary
    Rm: Bookroom

    Email: Johnson@dublinusd.org



    I am delighted to be back working at Dublin Elementary full time after treking through the elementary schools of Dublin Unified building our elementary school counselor program since the spring of 2010! For the past 6 years I was stationed at Frederiksen and I have been a public school counselor since the spring of 2007. I have worked with students professionally since 2004 and couldn't imagine my life in a different profression!

       My passion is to support our students and school community by teaching social and emotional skills, supporting a student's individual development, helping with positive behavior supports, and providing a listening ear through other tough major life changes that may arise. I want students to grow in who they are as individuals and cultivate their desire to learn into a lifelong curiosity that naturally creates a positive impact and impression on the people and world around them.
       If we can cultivate a culture of prevention with our students, teaching them to ask for help with "little" issues, and talking about their thoughts, needs, wants, and who they are as people and friends then I believe we will help them grow as stronger people who are as loving to others as confident in their own strengths and weaknesses.
    We need to DESTIMATIZE mental health supports!
    We shouldn't just get by, we should optimistically thrive!
          I am also passionate about supporting parents in the great adventure that is raising our little people. No one should feel alone, judged, or at their whit's end. We are here to support you and your children! I believe in parent support so strongly that I started  a local chapter of Parent Project Jr: Loving Solutions which I co-teach twice a year. It is always open to any DUSD parent as a resource to create and maintain a loving structure at home for children who require a little extra energy :)
       In my free time I am either in adventuring with my spouse, in my backyard, or enjoying an episode or two of Star Trek or Doctor Who. I love participating in 5k/10k & fun run/obstacle events and love "sprint" triathlon when in the right shape. I spend as much time as possible with my family & little dogs Caspian & Walter. They're pretty much the best. I can't live without trying delicious foods around the Bay Area, relaxing at the beach, cooking delicious foods for the people I love and am in the middle of our quest to visit every single California Mission and their asistencias (if they still exist).
    Progress: 12 missions, two asistencias. We are half way! I also enjoy time playing video games, Rubix cubes, board games, and playing many different sports. When I can I like to coach; basketball, tennis, and softball.

    I believe that every student has unlimited potential to achieve and be successful when they can discover who they are, how they work with others, and what gets them excited to learn. It is my desire to assist parents, teachers, and administrators in growing and launching lifelong learners who enthusiastically pursue knowledge as well as personal heath and well-being and interpersonal/relational growth.

    Quotes that inspire me:
    Cynicism creates a numbness towards life.
    Using wisdom, always hope for the best
    “If you aren’t asking questions, then you aren’t learning.” ~Dr. Cheryl Fawcett
    "Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers." ~Voltaire
    “Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it”   ~Albert Einstein
    "Hide not your talents, they for use were made. What's a sun dial in the shade?" ~Benjamin Franklin
     "Instruction begins when you, the teacher, learn from the learner; put yourself in his place so that you may understand… what he learns and the way he understands it." ~Soren Kierkegaard