State Law requires that attendance be regular except for illness. It is important that students be prompt as tardiness disrupts learning. 


    If you child will not be in school, CALL THE 24 HOUR ATTENDANCE LINE @ 925.551-4000 Option 2 to let us know why he/she is missing class.


    The state will only give schools money for children who are physically in school each day and on time. Therefore, except for illnesses, please be sure your children are in school each day and on time.

    After 14 missed days (excused absences), we require that official verification from your student's physician be provided to the school attendance office. All medical excused absences from a physician must be provided to the Kolb Office within 72 hours of the absence.

    As a guideline, a child is too ill to attend school, if he/she has a contagious disease, a temperature over 100 degrees, symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, chronic illness or other conditions with written orders from a doctor to stay home. Children can and should attend school with less severe symptoms such as headaches, fatigue and stomachaches.

    You may request work to be sent home if your child is absent for three days or more. Otherwise, your student must make up missing work upon their return. Prolonged illness or communicable diseases must be reported to the office as soon as possible.


    Family vacations and trips are NOT excused absences.  

     State law requires that parents have their children attend school unless the child is ill, has a medical appointment, is attending the funeral of an immediate family member, is in court, or is participating in an authorized religious activity (E.C.: 46010, 46014, 48200, 48205, 48260, 48290)