• ESL or English as a Second Language Courses
    ESL Beginning Literacy
    This class helps student develop basic language skills to function in daily life. The focus is on listening and simple speaking tasks. Students learn the English alphabet, letters and sounds as well as new vocabulary.
    ESL Beginning Low
    This class helps students improve their listening and speaking skills for communication inside and outside the classroom and at work. Students learn basic grammar and expand their reading/writing and spelling skills.
    ESL Beginning High/Intermediate Low/Multi Level
    This class helps students refine listening/speaking/reading and writing skills necessary for real life scenarios. Students learn how to function and communicate effectively using correct grammar and vocabulary.
    ESL Intermediate High
    This class helps students learn effective skills to function in both familiar and new social/work situations. Students learn language skills for more advanced communication, discussion, and interpretation/problem solving outside the classroom. Students learn essential reading and writing skills about a variety of topics.
    Bridge To Careers and College/Communication
    This class helps ESL students transition from adult school to community college. Students read and interpret articles and stories on a variety of topics and learn how to write essays. Students learn about careers needed for the current job market and how to write cover letters/resumes and interview effectively. Students focus on communication and fluency through a variety of job/real life topics.