• Volunteers are a welcome, wonderful addition to our Fallon Community! 

    Per Dublin District Policy, ALL volunteers must be cleared prior to helping during school-sponsored events.  Volunteer clearances are site-specific and valid for one school year.
    1.  General Volunteer Work.  Fill out a Volunteer Clearance Form.  Submit the form and a photocopy of your valid California Drivers License or California ID Card to the Fallon ASB Office.*
    *Due to the high volume of volunteer forms, Office Staff does not alert each individual regarding their approval/denial.  Please contact the Fallon Staff Member hosting the event for which you hope to volunteer; they have access to a list of cleared volunteer names.
    2.  Volunteer Driver.  Complete Step 1 above AND
    Fill out the Volunteer DRIVER Clearance Form form.  Submit your form and a copy of your insurance declaration page showing coverage amounts and Good Driver Discount to the Fallon ASB Office.  
    Reminder:  Although we love our students’ siblings, for safety reasons siblings are not allowed in the classroom, on field trips or at any school-sponsored event when the parent is actively volunteering.

    IMPORTANT:  It can take at least 48 hours to process your request. Please plan accordingly.