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    South Lake Tahoe Wedding
    Welcome back to school!  I had a wonderful summer with family and friends.  I traveled to South Lake Tahoe, snorkled with sea turtles in Maui, hiked around PineCrest Lake, cooked s'mores in Seascape, went to St. Helena, read great books, picked tomatoes in my garden, did a lot of swimming, and hiked with our three year old yellow lab, Zoey.  I have a son who is 13 and will be in 7th grade and a daughter who is 10 and will be in 4th grade. 

    Name:  Gina Hillier

    Grade Level: 4th

    Room: C8

    Extension: 6641

    Email: hilliergina@dublinusd.org
    (don't forget to type dpride in the subject line)