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    Family Picture

    Name:  Susie Krier

    Role: Instructional Coach

    Grade Level:  All of them!

    Room:  Web Room


    Welcome back to school!! I had a great summer with my family and I hope you did too. We spent a lot of time relaxing, especially after I broke my ankle in Hawaii! Mr. Krier teaches 7th grade in Pleasanton. Samantha is a 12th grader. Jessica is an 9th grader. We also have two dogs, a crested gecko, a leopard gecko, two anoles, two frogs and a 125 gallon tank full of fish at home. The dogs are Obi Wan, a 5.5 year old lab and Ani (aka Anikan Skywalker), a 7.5 year old lab mix. Can you guess our favorite movie?