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    Name:  Mrs. Kolon and Mrs. Faulkner

    Grade Level:  Kindergarten

    Room:  K1

    Note*: Please include DPRIDE in the subject when sending us an email message.
    Monday-Thursday:  Mrs. Kolon
    Friday:  Mrs. Faulkner
    Dear Kindergarten Students and Parents,

    Welcome to K1!  We hope that you enjoyed a relaxing summer vacation with your family and friends. We can't wait to hear all about it! 

    This is our 7th year teaching here at John Green Elementary School.  We LOVE it here!  This is our 23rd year teaching and our 15th year working together as a TEAM. We are looking forward to meeting you and giving your child the best kindergarten experience ever! If you have any questions, concerns or information you would like to share, please don’t hesitate to contact us!  Our classroom phone number is 925-833-4200 ext. 6650. 
    Meet and Greet: Details about meeting Mrs. Kolon and Mrs. Faulkner on Tuesday.  Click here.  

    : Please see the Green Bell Schedule. We will also discuss the schedule on September 3rd at Back-to-school Night. 

    First Day of School Schedule:  Please check the school website for information HERE (Look under VIDEO FEATURES to see a new video to welcome you to John Green Elementary from our new principal, Mr. Romagna.
    Supervision: For the safety of your child, he/she is not to be left unsupervised before or after school. Please do not leave your child until the bell has rung and you can see your child's teacher. 

    Timely Arrival to School: It is vital that your child be on time to school. Class begins right away and your child will miss valuable lessons if he/she is tardy. It can be very disruptive to our class when people are dropping children off late to school. Thank you for helping your child with this valuable life skill and for keeping disruptions in our class to a minimum. In order to make the transition from the playground to the classroom as smooth as possible we are asking that parents and siblings remain outside, unless you are a parent volunteer.

    Pick-up after School: Please pick up your child promptly at the end of school as children sometimes worry if one is late. You need to pick up your child at our door, we do not allow children to meet you in the parking lot.


    Nutrition Breaks: Please send a small, healthy snack and drink labeled with your child’s name to school. Consider this “brain” food (NO SUGAR PLEASE). Please pack snacks that your child can open by his/her self. Children at not allowed to share their snacks as we have food allergies in our classroom.


    Clothing: Please have your child wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you do not mind getting paint, glue, etc... on. Even the “washable” paint is not always so! Please make sure your child wears non-skid shoes i.e. tennis shoes. We will all be happier with fewer skinned knees!


    Labels: Please label all personal items with your child’s name. Especially school t-shirts and sweatshirts as many children have these items of clothing!


    Toys at School: We are asking for your help to have your child keep his/her toys and beloved items at home. There will be many opportunities to share with specific themes. Toys at school are a distraction and can get lost or taken by others. Thanks for your help!


    Back to School Night: We are looking forward to meeting you on September 3rd from 7:30-8:00 p.m. for our classroom presentation. We will explain the K program and answer your questions. More information coming soon!


    Volunteer Opportunities: Our kindergartners need you and so do your teachers! Please know that you are very welcome to help both at school and at home! At Back to School Night there will be volunteer sign ups if you are able to donate some time to our students. We need all parent volunteers to fill out a volunteer form! This needs to be done each year, so if you have older children and you have done it in the past please go down to the office and get the form filled out for this school year!

    Thanks for joining us on this wonderful school adventure! 
    Mrs. Kolon and Mrs. Faulkner