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    Kolb Elementary School Contactless Library Services
    How the Program Works
    • Students will be able to check out 3 books at a time (only one of which may be a graphic novel).
    • Books will be checked out for a 3 week period.
    • We will be offering this service once per month. 
    • Students who have library books outstanding from the last school year will not be allowed to check out any more books until their account is cleared. Please email Mrs. Ferrier if you have any questions.


    How to put books on hold

    1. Watch both videos below for instruction on how to log into your account, search and put books on hold. 

    Video 1: Destiny Search by Title Video - password is destiny (all lower case)

    Video 2: Advanced Destiny Search - password is destiny (all lower case)

    2. Go to Destiny Log In

     3. Your username is your student ID number. Your password is kes. 

    4. Students can put up to 4 books on hold but will only receive 3 books per checkout cycle. This is helpful in case a book is not available. Ignore the message that pops up in Destiny after you put a book on hold that tells you your book is ready. That pop up message is incorrect. Your book will be ready and available for pick up on the scheduled pick up date only. 

    5. The "hold" function will be turned off after the hold window closes each month. If you are unable to put books on hold, this is the reason why. 

    6. Students will need to put in a new hold request each month they want to participate.


    How to Pick up Books

    • On the scheduled pick up dates the books will be in bins by grade level and in alphabetical order. It will be a self-service pick up process. The bins will be located at the school's entrance. If it is raining, Mrs. Ferrier will assist you at the school entrance. Books not picked up on the schedule pick up date will be returned to the library. Please know your hold privileges will be suspended if you have a pattern of not picking up your books.

    How to Return Books

    • Students may return books at any time Tuesday - Thursday between 8:00am and 2:00pm by dropping them off on the carts entitled "Return Library books Here" that are in our drive thru area. If it is raining, the carts will be at the school's entrance doors.
    • If books are not returned by the due date, you will receive an email from Mrs. Ferrier and you will not be able to check out additional books.

    Safety Protocols

    • All returned books will be quarantined for 72 hours.
    • Please wear a mask when on campus.


    This newly created contactless library service is a work in progress. Procedures are subject to change and we ask for your patience. Questions? Please email Kim Ferrier at ferrierkim@dublinusd.org

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 
    Name: Kim Ferrier
    Title: Media Technician
    Phone:925 551-4000 ext. 6831

     Curbside Pick

        January 2021

    • Hold window is open Mon. Jan 4th - Fri. Jan. 8th
    • Hold requests due by 3:00pm on Friday, January 8th
    • Pick up dates Tues - Thurs. Jan. 19, 20, and 21st from 8am - 1pm
    • Books Due Thursday, Feb. 11th by 2pm


        February 2021

    • Hold window is open Mon. Feb 1st - Wed. Feb 3rd
    • Hold requests due by 3:00pm on Wednesday, February 3rd
    • Pick up dates Wed - Fri. Feb. 10, 11 and 12th from 8am - 1pm
    • Books Due Monday March 1st by 2pm