(Technology Resources)



    I,______________________ (student’s name) and my parent or guardian, _____________________, agree to all of the following provisions regarding student use of technology resources on District premises or at a school-sponsored event.


    1.         Student use of technology and the Internet on District premises or at a school sponsored-event is a privilege that may be taken away at any time.


    2.         All personal technology resources (this includes, by way of illustration and not limitation, cellular phones and computers) shall be turned off unless their use is authorized by a District employee.

                a.         If the personal technology resource permitted for use is a computer, the student must        have a power supply for the computer as well as a carrying case (backpack is             permitted).

                b.         All personal computer equipment/supplies must be clearly labeled with the student’s          name.  This includes, by way of illustration and not limitation, the computer, power        cord, and backpack/carrying case.         

                c.         Personal technology resources shall only be available for use as authorized by a    District employee; any unauthorized use may subject the student to discipline,     including and up to expulsion.    

                d.         While on District premises or at a school-sponsored event, students shall use their             personal technology resources, in a safe, responsible, and appropriate             manner.

                e.         The District is not responsible for any damage to personal technology resources.  


    3.         Students are responsible for all work assigned, even if the technology resource they use is being repaired.  The District shall provide resources necessary to complete assignments.        


    4.         Students shall use District technology and the Internet in a safe, responsible, and appropriate manner.


    5.         Students shall use District and personal technology resources according to the Board Policy 6163.4 and Administrative Regulation 6163.4.  Failure to adhere to these policies may result in discipline including and up to expulsion.


    6.         Students shall have no expectation of privacy in District or personal technology resources while on District premises or at a school-sponsored event.  Computer files and electronic communications, including email, are not private and may be accessed by the District at any time for the limited purpose of ensuring compliance with Board policies and regulations.  This includes computer files and electronic communications which are accessed using District technology or through the District’s network but are stored externally. 


    7.         Students shall not install software onto District laptop or desktop computers.



    8.         Students shall not interfere with, delete, or disable any District-installed program(s) or application(s) on District laptop or desktop computers.


    9.         Students shall not damage District technology and shall be financially responsible for any repair or replacement required, as determined by the principal or his/her designee.


    10.        I certify that I have read this Agreement, Board Policy 6163.4, Administrative Regulation 6163.4, and that I understand their meaning and purpose. 




    Date: _________                                 Student Signature: ____________________________


                                                                Parent/Guardian Signature: _____________________



    To Be Completed by Student’s Parent/Guardian


    ð        I permit my student to open a Google account and I will assist him/her in the process.

    ð        With Google Tools.

    ð        Without Google Tools.

    ð        I give permission for my student to access websites, chosen by my student’s teacher, for the purpose of facilitating my student’s education.


    ð        I give permission for my student’s work to be posted on a classroom website without identifying their name.


    ð        I give permission for my student’s work to be posted on the teacher’s private YouTube account for access only by those given the url.



    Date: _________                                 Parent/Guardian Signature: _____________________



    Failure to read and complete this form may result in technology use restrictions.




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