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    Tuesday, August 13, 2019


    Ahoy Third Grade Families,

    Welcome to Pier D2! We are very excited to set off on this new school year together. Let us share a bit of our philosophy with you. We want the children in our class to feel engaged, challenged, and 'at home'. Therefore you will see us working hard and playing hard everyday. Taking responsibility, having respect, and building relationships, are important elements of becoming lifelong learners. This will be a year filled with growth and changes for all of us. The early primary grades are behind us and many new and exciting expectations are placed upon us.  Much time has been spent “learning how to read”. Now it is time to “read to learn”.

    Third graders are capable of working independently and cooperatively on class projects and group activities.  Students will be given more opportunities to lead and to follow, to collaborate, and to make stable peer relationships.  Our classroom rules are life skills that should be followed at school and at home: Be Respectful & Be Responsible.


    Just remember that you are your child’s first teacher.  You have the greatest impact. If you feel education is important, your child will pick up on that and feel that doing his/her best and getting an education is important as well. You make the difference!  We will be discussing more information about our upcoming school year at Back to School Night. We are looking forward to a wonderful third grade adventure together!




    Julie Moylan & Erin Conner



     Class Quote: 

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    Classroom Details... 
    Your Teachers: Mrs. Julie Moylan & Mrs. Erin Conner 
    Contact Information: Phone: (925) 833-1204  ext. 5040
    Emails: Moylanjulie@dublinusd.org   Connererin@dublinusd.org  


    Co-Teaching Schedule:
    Mondays- Teachers Rotate
    Tuesdays and Wednesdays- Mrs. Moylan teaches
    Thursdays and Fridays- Mrs. Conner teaches
    Our Vision...
    To help our children build meaningful relationships, become problem solvers, critical thinkers, active listeners, collaborate with peers, respect our differences, and find our passions in life. 
     We feel that children learn best... 
      • Through hands-on experiences

      • From each other

      • With high expectations

      • Through taking risks and making mistakes

      • When education is valued

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    "Time is Precious"
    Bell Schedule:
    Arrival @D2 line before 8:25am 
    Give Hugs and Goodbyes in line. xoxo 
    Snack Recess 10:20-10:35
    Lunch Recess 12:10-12:50 
    Dismissal 2:04pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays

    Dismissal 3:04pm Thursdays, Fridays

    Our Daily Schedule:
    Living Logs
    Morning Meeting
    Reader's Workshop
    Reading, Grammar, Spelling
    Read Aloud
    Writer's Workshop
    Science/Social Studies/Art/PE/Music
    P.E. Class with Mrs. Day= Mondays 11:00am-11:45am
    Music Class with Mrs. Jones-Heintz= Fridays 11:00am-11:45am 
     Library Time with Mrs. Klein= Thursdays 1:00pm-1:30pm
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    Nightly Homework
    Reading & Math Page
    Bring Student Planner to school EVERY Monday
    Reading Websites
    Math Websites
    Image result for image of field tripField Trips make learning more engaging and keep children more intellectually curious in and outside of school...so we adventure on!   
    1. Dublin Civic Center & Police Station (Week of October 14th/private car)
    2. Performance at Wells Middle School (December/private car)
    3. California Science Academy in San Francisco (Thursday, February 20th /Bus)
    4. Adobe Park in Pleasanton (April/private car)
    5. Dublin Heritage Center (Week of March 23rd/walking)
    We will be providing more details as each trip gets closer. Volunteers & Chaperones are NEEDED. Please complete a Volunteer Form and a Volunteer Driver Form before 9/30/19.   There is a strick deadline this year.  Thank you!
    Birthdays...For those families who love to celebrate birthdays, please consider sending in a fun kid snack that day. (Individual fruit roll-ups, packaged rice krispies, granola bars, popcorn bags, gogurts, etc.) Think of something the children could take outside at snack recess, eat, enjoy and then go play! Be sure to email us in advance so we have a heads-up about the treats coming in. Thanks.  
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    Web Resources... 
    Common Sense Media is a GREAT website for parents, teachers and kids.
    It supports us all in making smart media choices. Check it out!
    More from Common Sense Media.
    What is Common Core?


Last Modified on August 15, 2019