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  • Room number: C-5


    Phone: 925-875-9370 x6354


    Welcome to Ms. De Melo's teacher site!  I'm so excited to start off another year at Fallon.   As a class, we will take on this adventure in a fun, creative and engaging manner.  My number one goal is to create an environment where all students feel comfortable sharing their ideas, to encourage all students to take pride in their work and to always do their best no matter what it is.  PARENT: I look forward to our partnership in ensuring your students success. Please check my site if you want to see what we are doing in class each day and what the homework is. 

    I wish all my students a successful school year here at Fallon, and look forward to making some memories!  



    Ms. De Melo


    Suggested Materials for 6th Grade Core:
    • 1 folder for loose papers (or an accordian file with a tab for my class)
    • Three   1 00- Page/sheet composition books (one for English and 2 for history-please only bring 2 to school, leave the 3rd one home)
    • Three - Five Pens/Pencils (1 red or blue pen)
    • 1-3 Highlighter
    • One Pack of Colored Pencils
    • Gluesticks
    • personal pencil sharpener
    • Earbuds