•       Playground Rules

    Playground rules are established for the safety of all our students; game rules are established to promote fairness.  Playground equipment is available to students during supervised recess time, not prior to the start of school.  The school provides all the equipment for playground use.  Personal play equipment (balls, jump ropes, etc) is not allowed at school.  Equipment brought from home will be confiscated and held in the office until June.

    Playground and game rules are explicitly taught at the beginning of the school year during P.E.  In addition to the playground and game rules, we expect our students to abide by the following:

    ·       Excellent sportsmanship is expected from all students during games played at recess and during P.E.

    ·       Students will follow the directions of all teachers and noon supervisors

    ·       Students will respect games-in-play by walking around, not through the activity

    ·       Students will play only in designated, supervised areas

    ·     Students will notify teachers/noon supervisors when play equipment needs to be retrieved from an out of play area (over the fence into the street, on the roof, etc.); students are not allowed out of the designated play areas

    ·     Students are to Stop, Look and Listen when the teacher/noon supervisor whistles and respond to any directions given after the whistle

    ·     Students must use the play equipment responsibly (feet-first on slides, one student at a time, etc.)

    ·     Toys from home are not permitted on the playground

    Students are expected to freeze when the bell rings and indicates the end of recess.  Teachers/noon supervisors use their whistles to signal the students to walk back to their classroom line.  All students are expected to walk respectfully and responsibly back to their classrooms with their classroom teacher.

         Lunchroom Rules

    The following rules were developed to help keep the lunch recess an enjoyable and safe time for all of our students.  During lunch, children will:

    • Be escorted to the lunchroom by their teachers.
    • Be assigned tables by classrooms.
    • Be dismissed from lunchroom when tables and floors are clean.
    • Remain seated until excused.
    • Use garbage cans for trash disposal.
    • Use "low voices" when talking in the lunchroom.
    • Walk, not run, in the lunchroom.
    • Walk to the playground when they have been excused.
    • Be respectful to fellow students, lunchroom personnel and supervisors 


    Student Behaviors That Warrant Suspension


    The following behaviors are grounds for suspension pursuant to California Education Code 48900.

    a.         Causing or attempting to cause/threatening physical injury to another person.

    b.         Possessing, selling or furnishing firearms, explosives, or dangerous objects.*

    c.     Possessing, using, selling, furnishing or being under the influence of a controlled substance.*

    d.    Offering or arranging/negotiating to sell a controlled substance, then selling, delivering, or furnishing a substance in lieu of a controlled substance.

    e.         Committing robbery or extortion.*

    f.           Causing or attempting to cause damage to private or school property.

    g.         Stealing or attempting to steal private or school property.

    h.         Possessed or used tobacco.

    i.           Committing an obscene act or engaging in habitual profanity/vulgarity.

    j.           Possessing, offering, arranging or negotiating to sell any drug paraphernalia.

    k.     Disrupting school activities or willfully defying school personnel in the performance of their duties.

    l.           Knowingly receiving stolen school property or private property.

    m.       Possessing an imitation firearm.

    n.         Possessing or using an electronic signal device.

    o.         Committing sexual harassment.

    p.         Hate violence

    q.         Harassment, threats or intimidation


                       * May be subject to a recommendation to the Board for expulsion