• It is a tradition at Dublin High for graduating seniors to select a faculty member to read their name during the graduation ceremony.
    • Sign-ups for graduation readers will begin before school on Wednesday April 10 at 8 am.  Signs ups will be accepted until the end of the school day on Friday, April 12.  If you do not select your own reader, you will be assigned to a faculty member's row.
    • This year students will make their selections using a Google form
    • They must use their SCHOOL GMAIL account to complete the form.
    • Seniors may only sign up for themselves and may only submit the form ONCE.
    • During the graduation ceremony, seniors will sit with the other people who selected the same graduation reader.  If seniors wish to sit with their friends, they will need to select the same reader.  Coordinate this ahead of the sign up window.
    • There are set number of readers and each reader has a set number of spots in their row.
    • Students should have a 1st, 2nd and even a 3rd choice before they go to fill out the form.
    • When they go to the form, if the name of the teacher does not appear in the list, then all of their spots have been filled and seniors will need to select another teacher.
    • Dena Merrill will handle the placement of students who do not select a reader.  She will also address any issues that may arise from signups.  If students have questions, they can speak with her in the counseling office.
    • Below is the list of readers for this year's ceremony:

    Bidjan Aminian                     Valerie Jacob-Bohart          Gregory Rodriguez

    Kelly Ball                              Janet Kaehms                   Ron Rubio

    Kelly Beck                            Ramany Kaplan                 Michael Ruegg

    Rebecca Briggs                      Patrick Kleinow                Ashley Sheaff

    Adam Brown                         Jackie Lawson                  Megan Sininger

    Michael D'Ambrosio               Katina Lewis                     Nichole Slavec

    Sheldon Dance                     Jennifer McCort                 Silvia Sosa

    Kat DeLapp                          Nick McKeon                   Adair Spence

    Rob Frazier                           Monique Medeiros            Carter Stimson

    Liza Gustav                         Chris Meyer                       Jeff Taylor

    Lousie Guzman                   Allison Mongold                 Darren Tippit

    Anne Ha                             Casey Moreno                   Erin Vallejo

    Kisha Harris                       Jeanne Morgan                  Brad Vereen

    Sara Hollison                     Jodi Morgan                      Veronica Wienholz

    Emily Hurd                        Greg Oravetz                     Audrey Xu

    If you cannot see the form below, you are not logged into your school gmail account.  You can also use this link: https://forms.gle/ZZ4nxky6CGSh6zph6 - but in order to submit your choice, you have to log into your mydusd.org account.