• Visitors and Volunteers at Green Elementary
    Per district policy, all volunteers must submit a Volunteer Information Form on an annual basis.  If you think that you will help out at any point during the school year, please take a moment to fill out the form and submit it along with a copy of your valid California Drivers License to the office.   The clearance process could take up to a week.
    Parents wishing to transport students in their car on a field trip are required to fill out the Volunteer Driver form on an annual basis.  The completed form (two-sided) and a copy of your insurance declaration policy showing coverage amounts may be submitted to the Office.  The clearance process could take up to a week.
    Visitors and Volunteers must sign in at the Administrative Offices upon entering campus between 8:25 AM through the end of the school day, regardless of their business. .  Anytime you are walking through campus, you must wear a Visitor/Volunteer Sticker that can be easily seen. 
    Siblings - Please remember, although we love our siblings, it is not appropriate to bring younger/older siblings to the classroom, instructional environment, or on a field trip while volunteering.  There are special events that siblings are welcome to attend and these include:  evening activities, award ceremonies and special assemblies.