• The Board of Trustees approved classroom specifications in June of 2015.  By grade level, a team solicited feedback from stakeholders on research based technology that fully support education.  We are very proud of our teachers who work toward mastery with technology integration.  teacher workstation


    The classroom configuration for students in DKA, Kinder, grades one and two, and SDC/Resource classrooms will be as follows:

    • HDTV /Touch HDTV Kindergarten

    • One teacher laptop

    • One document camera

    • One external DVD player

    • Kindergarten has 10 iPads per classroom

    • A classroom set of 14-18 Chromebooks/other devices with charging station/storage (Grades 1-5)

    • *Special Education classrooms 

      • SPED Standard Tech:
        Resource: 8 chrome books
        Mild/Mod: 6 chrome books
        4 iPads
        2 regular desktops
        2 touch screen desktops or all in ones
        4 iPads
    • Shared COWS of Chromebooks per grade levelclassroom-view

    The classroom configuration for grade three-twelve will be:

    • One 80” HDTV

    • One teacher laptop

    • One document camera

    • One external DVD player


    • External Ruckus access point will allow for mobility access beyond the classroom.

    • Library/common collaboration spaces will have stationary Chromeboxes and/or specialized WIN laptops, Apple devices, MAC computers

    Office Staff/Support Staff:

    • One small form desktop or laptop

    • Printer (if applicable)