Classroom supplies


    Mrs. Yim’s 2019-2019- 3rd Grade Supply List


    *Headphones- labeled with child’s name in a Ziplock bag (for use with computers)                            

    *Each child must bring a Plastic pencil box (any color)-labeled with your

    child’s name with the following items inside the box for personal use on

    the first day of school:

    (1) child’s size scissors                              

    (1) pink eraser

    (1) yellow Sharpie highlighter

    (1) Elmer’s glue stick (standard size- .24oz)

    (1) red ballpoint pen (non-click)

    (1) pack of post-it notes                            

    (1) 10-pack of THIN TIP Crayola markers – label name

    (1) 24-pack of Crayola crayons – label name

    (1) 12-pack of Crayola color pencils

    (1) black Paper Mate Flair pen

    (1) thin black expo marker

    (2) sharpened pencils


    **Please keep in own backpack:

    6 composition notebooks (not spiral), 100 pages, wide rule

    1 CLEAR plastic ruler

    5 Plastic heavy duty folders w/side pockets and prongs (1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 purple)

    **Please DO NOT label the following items:

    Pencils-1 box of #2 Dixon Ticonderoga Brand only (put 2 pencils in pencil box)

    1 box Crayola Crayons- 24 count (put inside pencil box)

    1 black ballpoint pen

    2 red ballpoint pen (put inside pencil box)

    Crayola Colored pencils, 12 count

    3 pink erasers (put 1 in pencil box)        

    1 package copy paper, 8 1/2x11, white

    6 regular sized glue sticks (put 1 in pencil box)

    1 package binder paper, wide-ruled

    2 packs Post-It notes (put 1 in pencil box)

    3 yellow ONLY highlighters (put 1 in pencil box)

    2- 4-pack of black felt tip Papermate Flair markers (put 1 in pencil box)

    2 black thin Expo markers (put 1 in pencil box)

    2 thick Expo marker, any color

    2 pack black fine point Sharpies

    1 package baby wipes

    1 ream cardstock, white

    BOYS ONLY:​ 3 boxes Kleenex, 1 package Chlorox wipes, 1 pack multicolor felt tip Papermate Flair markers

    GIRLS ONLY:​ 1 pack Astrobright or pastel copy paper (any color), 1 box Band-aids, 1 dispensable tape roll, 1 roll of blue painter’s tape

    OPTIONAL: 1 clear tape refill, 1 package sheet protector

     **Please see classroom window and/or teacher website for specific class needs