classroom environment

Classroom Policies


    My goal is to create a positive and safe atmosphere in the classroom where every child respected and respects others.  I will be managing classroom discipline with the Class Dojo application.  Every parent will receive a passcode to log in to check on their child's behavior anytime during the day.  Points will be given for positive and negative behaviors and will be reset weekly.  The top 3 winners weekly will get to choose a prize from the prize box.

    In order to promote more positivity in the classroom, I use a system called "SCOUTS".  I choose 2 different "scouts" to pass out "Caught Being Good" tickets throughout the day.  I have a zero tolerance policy in the classroom for any type of bullying.  My number one priorty is to create a safe environment for all children.



    There will be homework daily, except Fridays.  Students are expected to complete the homework neatly and returned on time.  A negative point will be given on Class Dojo so you will be aware of it. Please be sure to check their homework agendas daily.