• Students who require the administration of any medication during the school day, pursuant to a physician's prescription must have both a parent and physician signed "Medication Authorization & Consent Form"  on file at the school site. This form must be completely filled out annually or whenever the prescription changes, and must be signed by both the parent/guardian and the child's physician before the child can be assisted with the administration of prescription or nonprescription medication by school personnel. Medication may not be kept in student's backpack and parent/guardian must bring all medications to Health Office.

    It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to provide the school site with all the necessary information and special instructions in writing, related to the assistance of administration of medication to their child. It is also the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide the prescribed medication(s) and supplies, and to replace expired medications when notified. The parent/guardian must immediately notify the school in writing any changes.

    Medication must be in its original pharmacy labeled container or over-the counter container, and brought to the school office by the parent/guardian. At the end of the school year parents must pick up all medications. No medication will be given to a student to take home. Medication left in the school office at the end of the school year will be discarded.