That photo is Mrs. Brown in first grade!



Degrees and Certifications:

That photo is Mrs. Brown in first grade!

I was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada (over North Dakota) and graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1981.

My husband was born and raised in Chase, British Columbia (over Washington state) Canada. He went to the University of Washington for graduate work and then to the Lawrence Livermore National Lab for a post-doctural position.

I have taught grades one, two and three and had various combinations of those grades in Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia before moving down to California with my husband in 1993. Upon moving to California I was a substitute teacher in Livermore and then I taught third grade in Newark before staying home when my first daughter was born. When my youngest daughter entered the second grade at Frederiksen I was hired to teach first grade. This is my 15th year teaching at Frederiksen. 

We have two daughters, both of whom went to Frederiksen, then Wells and lastly Dublin High; they are both now at college. My oldest daughter is Alexandra and she is twenty-four years old. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in inorganic chemistry and she is working on her PhD. in chemistry at MIT. My youngest daughter, Elizabeth, is twenty-one years old and she just graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in biology and is currently working in a lab at UCSD.

My husband's name is Tom. He works at Lawrence Livermore National Lab as a research physicist. He does lots of cool science things like carbon dating and laser stuff!

We have two rescue dogs who are sisters. One is Cali (named after California) and the other is Polar (she is all white and looked  a lot like a polar bear when she was little). They have some lab in them and they are full of energy.

I love teaching, I love Frederiksen and I love Dublin!