• GC  

    Google Classroom (GC) will be the primary online resource for students. Within each periods' GC, students will find files of class activities, lab reports, homework, helpful links, useful videos and other educational resources. Students are also encouraged to engage in academic dialogue with their peers using the commenting feature on each GC post. Each post will also be labeled and by clicking the 'Labels' on the left side of GC, posts can be sorted by their specific label. 


    Access Codes:

    • Period 1: tzjbxr
    • Period 2: xn21zf
    • Period 3: cl1t39
    • Period 4: it374e5
    • Period 6: wxhq89


    Remind is an app that acts as a communication tool for teachers and their students. As implied by the app's name, it will be used to remind students of assignments, assessments, due dates and other science-related topics. In addition, students and parents/guardians can use the app to communicate with their teachers (during business hours). It can be downloaded in the App Store or Google Play Store

    Access Codes:

    • 8th: mrluisci8
    • 6th: mrluisci6