• Welcome to the Mastery Club!

    Challenge yourself to learn more with the following activities. This is an optional challenge for students who wish to go above and beyond
    what we learn in the classroom. You will receive a prize for every challenge you complete. Also, for each level of mastery you complete
    (5 challenges), you will receive a certificate of achievement and an additional prize. Mastery members will be posted in the class once they
    have completed a challenge. All students who achieve Gold Level status will be treated to a special lunch with Ms. Ostlund.   
    To get started, each student should create a personal portfolio (folder or binder) to keep their work organized in. Let's see those organizational
    skill we've been practicing :o) Each time you complete a challenge, you will show your work to Ms. Ostlund (but not turn it in yet). Once you
    complete a level (5 challenges), you will turn in your portfolio for review

    There are 3 Levels of Mastery:  
    BRONZE LEVEL (5 challenges): Students must complete 5 challenges. One challenge is allowed is allowed to be a self-selected topic and presentation style.
    SILVER LEVEL (10 challenges): Student must complete 5 additional challenges after completing the BRONZE level. One challenge is allowed to be a self-selected topic and presentation style.
    GOLD LEVEL (15 challenges):  Student must complete 5 additional challenges after completing the SILVER level. One challenge is allowed to be a self-selected topic and presentation style.

    Requirements for each level:
    1. Complete 5 challenges.
    • 3 challenges must be from different categories. 
    • 1 challenge can be a self-selected topic. *Please present your idea at an appropriate time to Ms. Ostlund before your preparation.
    • 1 can be from any category. 
    2. Turn in your portfolio of challenges when you complete a level. 
    3. Receive your award! 

     Science Category

    Learn about Animal Systems.  Choose an animal and its habitat to become an expert on. Turn in your printed report with your portfolio.
    Learn about Plant Systems.  Choose a plant and its natural habitat to become an expert on. Turn in your printed report with your portfolio.
    Perform a scientific experiement.  Ask Ms. Ostlund for approval on topic prior to beginning.  You will then share your findings with the rest of the class.
    Be sure to explain the Science behind the trick/experiment. If it is something you can't do at school, take pictures at home, and bring them in to use for your presentation.
    Choose any article or story to read and learn something new. Then create some kind of product (poster, brochure, powerpoint, etc.) to share the information you learned.
    Become an expert!  Research on a scientific topic (must see Ms. Ostlund for approval) of your choice.  You will create a google slide/powerpoint presentation and teach the class about your chosen topic. 

    Complete two of the Circle Number Puzzles, and make sure to record your solutions for both on a piece of paper. On the same paper, write a paragraph explaining the strategy you used to solve the puzzles, and turn in the solutions and paragraph in your portfolio. 
    Do you like Brainteasers
    complete 2 brainteasers. If this is for completion of the Gold level, the brainteasers must be from the Medium or Hard categories. Write down your solutions and show your work to prove your answer.
    The Nobel Prizes: Write a biography about Alfred Noble. "The man behind the prize." Also include at least two achievement areas (physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, peace, economics) you found interesting. Presentation style should be either written essay or magazine format. 
    Math in Science: Print the word search and find the hidden math words. Next create an alphabetical dictionary defining each term in your own words! Be creative...PowerPoint, ABC style-book with photos/drawings, word document. Additionally, complete the planet math puzzle http://www.puzzles-world.com/2016/12/if-mercury-7225-venus-5224-earth-5212.html.  You must show your work to receive credit on the puzzle.


    Met a character lately? Create an online Character Scrapbook using a character from a class book or one that you own! Be sure to include multiple scrapbook pages on the site (use the arrows), and print your final product.
    Do you like Creative Writing? Use the interactive story starters to create your own story.  Use the machine to make a creative writing prompt and pick one of four formats to print your finished story.
    Use the Poetry Idea Engine to create an original poem of each of the following: haikus, free verse, limericks, and cinquain, then create an online poem. Be sure to print for your portfolio! 


    Take a constitutional Tour of Philadelphia. First, select 10 or more of the 20 historical landmarks and write a mini-paragraph about each. You can write, type, or create a powerpoint. Second, download and print the map and highlight the landmarks that you selected.
     National Symbols: Research 5 of our National Symbols and write a paragraph explaining what each is, what it represents, and any other important information. 
    Discover the inventors, politicians, performers, activists and other everyday people who made this country what it is today. Choose your presentation style: video, powerpoint, essay, poster, magazine style, or some other creative idea. 
    Check out the yearly calendar to learn about an Event in History. Write/type a summary and explain why you found the event interesting. Requirements: 3-5 events. Minimum 1 page.


    Make your own American Flag!
    Attend (with an adult) a local Theatre Performance and write a summary of the show, include illustrations (optional).
    Research an ARTIST and write a brief biography and include photos of his/her work.
    Visit the Arts & Culture page on the Smithsonian and read interesting articles on art, music, and performing arts topics. Select an article that you found interesting and create a visual poster with captions describing the illustration.
    Choose a famous artist and create your own masterpiece using their special techniques. Include a paragraph about the artist and technique you used.