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    Welcome to first grade at Dougherty Elementary School! I am excited to start the school year and continue  getting to know your child.


    As we begin this year, I would like to inform you of the policies and procedures that are important in making the year run smoothly and successfully.



    Homework will be assigned weekly. 

    Students are to complete the 4 homework assignments during the week.  You can choose any assignment to complete each day (in any order), then all written assignments are due and to be turned in in the red homework folder each Friday.  All papers MUST have the students name and number at the top.  Students will be given a journal for writing assignments please put the date on the first page of each new writing assignment.  

    Homework should always be completed neatly using a pencil.

    Please try to have students complete one assignment each night if possible,  research has shown that daily practice is more beneficial than one night of a week’s worth of homework.

    Reading: Every night, students are expected to read for 15-20 minutes. I will be monitoring student’s activity on RazKids. They should be spending some of their reading time on RazKids during the week. Their reading comprehension is also monitored through RazKids.


    Writing: Students will be given writing prompts each week. They will respond in their composition journal and turn it in with their homework folders on Fridays. I will read through their journals and stamp their responses. Their journals will be returned on Monday, inside their homework folders.

    Homework Folders: Homework folders are due on Friday’s – or the last day of the week, if there is no school on Friday. All homework is to be placed in their homework folders and turned in on Fridays. Homework folders will be returned on Monday’s. I will keep all homework.

    All sheet protectors and their contents are to be kept in the homework folder for the entire year.     

    Homework folders should be kept clean and organized.

    Please follow the weekly homework schedule. It is very important that children develop daily homework routines rather than completing the packet in one sitting.


    Star of the Week: One student will be randomly selected as our Star of the Week. The poster will be sent home at the beginning of the year and all students will complete one and send it back by August 31. The Star of the Week will be the teacher’s assistant for the week, the calendar helper and will be able to bring 3 special  items to share with us on Monday that tell us something about them (an award, a family photo, a favorite toy or book, or anything that is special to them.  We will share the poster and items on Monday.  

    Behavior Policy

    Dougherty follows four school-wide rules.

    1) We will follow directions with a positive attitude!
    2) We will listen when others are speaking!
    3) We will keep our hands, feet, and objects to ourselves! (Personal Space)
    4) We will use good manners and appropriate language!

    These rules are enforced in all areas of the campus and are consistent in each classroom from Kindergarten through 5th grade. The expectation is for all children to know and follow the rules.

    Our classroom is a safe learning environment for all students. There will be classroom rules created collaboratively between the students and myself. If a student violates a school rule or classroom rule, they will be given a consequence. A phone call will be made to their parent and their action will be documented.

    Progress Reports/Report Cards: Progress reports are sent out three times throughout the year if there is an area of concern. Progress reports will have an area for you to sign and return. This will assure that you have seen them and are aware of your child’s progress. Not every child receives a progress report.   If I feel that a weekly progress report needs to be sent home on a more regular basis, I will discuss this with the parents privately. First trimester report cards are given during parent/teacher conferences, in November, and then sent home thereafter.

    Conferences: Parents and teachers make up a team who must work together for the good of the children. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail at any time with comments, concerns, and questions that you may have throughout the school year. Formal conferences will be held in November. At this time, parents will have a chance to meet with me individually to discuss their child.

    Parent Communication:  Current information and updates will be available on my website or class dojo to keep you informed of various classroom activities and reminders. My home/school communication will be done via e-mail, class dojo, my website, and student communication folders (white) - please check all regularly and return communication folders every Monday.

    Classroom Volunteers:  If you would like to volunteer (or go on a field trip) please obtain a volunteer form in the office, fill it out and return it to the office as soon as possible. Your form must be cleared prior to volunteering.  All volunteers must show their driver's license or ID each time you arrive to volunteer.  If you would like to help out in the class or would be interested in being a room parent, please let me know which days you are available.  I like to have parent helpers in the morning between 9:00-10:00.  I may also need a volunteer for the first month or two during computer time to assist all students in logging in until they become familiar with this process.  

    Another great way to volunteer is to join the Dougherty PFC (parent, faculty community). There are many activities throughout the year that require your help.  

    We will also need a volunteer as an Art in Action Docent, and another to do Junior Achievement.  Both of these much needed volunteers will attend a brief training meeting at the school, and be given all of the materials to teach lessons in Art or about our community.  Please consider doing this, the students really enjoy both!
    Our school has a volunteer policy –

    Volunteer Sign In Procedure:

    1.   Please have photo ID ready.

    2.   Sign in on Visitor’s Log.

    3.   You will be issued a visitor’s badge from the office staff.  Please wear this visibly while on campus.

    4.   When leaving campus, please return to the office and return your visitor’s badge.  The office staff will   sign you out on the Visitor’s Log.

    5.   Please leave the campus from the main office.

    Field Trips: Field trips are fun and educational. Most of our trips will be on school buses, but for one or two we will be walking. Dublin Unified has field trip policies. All must follow and meet Dublin Unified School District’s driving and chaperoning policies. Please keep in mind that due to limited seats on the bus and restrictions placed upon us by the destinations, each trip is only allowed a limited number of parent chaperones. In order to make it fair, and to give each child’s family a chance to attend a field trip, all chaperone spots will be filled using a lottery system. All field trips will be funded based on parent donations. Cost information will be sent out with the field trip information. If we do not receive enough donations for the trip, we will not be able to attend.

    Snack Recess: Please try to send "healthy" snacks such as fruits, vegetables, crackers & cheese, sandwiches, yogurt, bagels, rice cakes, etc. for our 10:00 recess. Students are given the chance to eat a snack near the cafeteria before going out to play. Recess is only 15 minutes and the students are encouraged to eat a small snack, use the restroom and to play.

    Lunch Recess: Please either send a lunch with your child or have lunch money on their school account. It is imperative that they eat lunch, so that they will be able to focus for the rest of the school day. Lunch is 40 minutes long and the students are required to sit at the lunch tables for 10-15 minutes to eat and are then released to play.

    Birthdays: Birthdays are special. If you want to bring  something special for your child’s birthday, please let me know in advance.  Our new school policy is that there is no food allowed in the classroom, due to severe food allergies.  There will be certain foods allowed during class parties since there will be a proper team to clean after and there is a list of approved items in the office with the health clerk.  Food will only be allowed on these specific days.  
    If you would like to send something in to help us celebrate your child’s birthday,  some ideas are:  Send or donate a book to read to the class OR small gift bags with gift items such as pencils, erasers, bracelets etc..  OR if you have another idea, please let me know.  

    During class parties  ONLY,  no younger siblings are allowed on campus. If you plan to bring treats, please check in with me OR the room parent in charge of the party AND the health clerk before doing so. All treats must be store bought and brought to school in their original containers listing ingredients, and on the list of approved items ( in the office for specific party dates only) .  NO NUTS in our classroom due to several students with allergies.

    If your child has a summer birthday, you may want to consider celebrating their "half birthday" or celebrating in June. Please just let me know in advance.

    *Students may NOT bring party invitations to pass out in class unless they are inviting the whole class or you give to me to distribute in their Friday or Monday folders.

    I’m looking forward to a great year with you and your child. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


    Mrs. Krumbach