Loving Solutions:  A  Parent’s  Guide  to Disciplining Children Ages 5-10

    A parenting program designed specifically for parents who need solutions.

    * Special applications for kids who may be difficult or out-of-control younger children & ADD/ADHD issues.

    Instructors: Erin N. Johnson, M.A., School Counselor at Frederiksen Elementary

    Leor Levin, M.S., School Counselor at Fallon Middle School

    What is it?

    …a curriculum centered class to teach parents a structured discipline model designed by the authors of the Parent Project. This model combines behaviorism, developmentally appropriate communication skills, expressing love & affection, and enabling your students to make positive choices (which builds self-esteem). Loving Solutions teaches parents interventions that work. We will tackle easier issues early- on to provide early success and then move to equip parents for the more difficult behavioral issues.

    Some of the topics that will be addressed…

    ¤   Establishing Discipline Routines

    Ø     Conveying love & affection
    Ø     Influencing vs. controlling
    Ø     Motivating children
    Ø     Using time-outs correctly

    ¤  Ideas, rules, tools

    Ø     Teaching expectations & values
    Ø     Critical household rules
    Ø     Encouraging better choices

    ¤   Structuring for success

    Ø     Keeping kids busy
    Ø     Improving school success
    Ø     Home behavior management structuring

    ¤   Concrete Solutions

    Ø     Managing the highly impulsive
    Ø     Overcoming sibling rivalry & conflicts
    Ø     Stopping out-of-control behaviors

    When: Monday Nights; February 6 – March 27th , 2018

    Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm    Cost: $80 per adult/$120 per couple 

    Where: Frederiksen Elementary School: 7243 Tamarack Drive (Meeting in the Library)

    Ø  Childcare provided for ages 4-11 (please RSVP on registration form)

    Ø  A light meal and beverages will be served each week!

     How do I register?

     ·    Registration may be done through your school site administration, office, or counselor or online at www.parentproject.com

    ·    Make checks payable to Dublin Unified School District