• recdesignation

    Reclassification, Monitoring and Catch Up



    At Dublin High School once a student has met all requirements to be reclassified ( CST is proficient or advanced in ELA, English class grade is a “C” or high and  tests at the Early Advanced or Advanced level on CELDT) the student is changed in SASI from a “3”, EL learner to a “4”, Redesignated and they are monitored by the ELD coordinator and ELD counselor for 2 yrs after.  After the two years of monitoring  if the reclassified students grades begin to drop or their CST scores drop then the students are put up for Student Study Team evaluation, if need be the student will  be placed back into the ELD classroom for extra support.


    Once a student has exceeded their three year monitoring phase they are no longer watched by the ELD counselor and they are fully mainstreamed. Issues or concerns with academics at this point will be directed towards the “At Risk” counselor.




    Alternative Education for ELD (Valley)


    ELD students are not able to be transferred to Valley High School until they are at or over forty credits deficient,  and are at the Early Advanced or Advanced English proficiency level. 


    Valley does not offer any ELD classes, so students are fully mainstreamed into core classes with CLAD certified teachers.