Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year. 

    This classroom at DHS is designed to teach students with moderate to severe disabilities. The focus of the classroom is to work on functional academics and life skills. Each student has an IEP with specific goals that they work on to address areas of need. The classroom schedule provides a consistent routine that allows students to practice the skills that they have acquired in a functional manner.

    Students are encouraged to work as independently as possible. While instructional aides are in the classroom to support student learning, they should always encourage students to do things for themselves. Prompting and reminders may be necessary to teach students to advocate for themselves.


    Student grades are based on their IEP goals and objectives and will be updated on quarterly progress reports.

    School supplies/materials

    Students are asked to bring in all supplies that were listed on the back to school letter that was sent home in August. Students should be prepared everyday with pencils, erasers, and paper.


    • Be on time
    • Participate in class assignments
    • Bring all supplies and materials to class
    • Stay on task


    Please be aware that unexcused absences results in loss of money for the district.  Please make sure to call in all tardies and absences to the main office. If you are picking up your child early be sure to sign them out in the attendance office.  I appreciate your cooperation with this.

    Units of study

    o   Current affairs

    o   Spelling, reading, and writing

    o   Math

    o   Nutrition and Cooking

    o   Health

    o   Science

    o   Social Studies

    o   Community Based Instruction

    o   Vocation Skills

    o   Life Skills


    List of Unit Topics for the Year

    o  September-It’s My Right (Government)

    o  October-High School Science Fair (Scientific Inquiry)

    o  November-Around the Solar System (Earth and Space Science)

    o  January-From Conflict to Change (History/World History)

    o  February-Where in the World? (Geography)

    o  March-Changes to Light and Sound (Physical Science)

    o  April-I All in a Day’s Work (Economics)

    o  May-Like Father, Like Son (Life Science)

    Class Rules

    o   Be nice to others

    o   Try your best

    o   Have a quiet voice

    o   Keep your hands and feet to self

    o   Respect for school and personal property around you

    Lu Middleton’s

    Special Day Class

    833-3300 X7222