• DHS School Site Council
    Role and Responsibility
    The Dublin High School Site Council is composed of 12 members:  3 students, 4 parents/community members, 4 staff members and 1 administrator.  Each representatives serves a two-year term.  Unless there is a holiday, the SSC meetings on the 4th Monday of each month from 3:45-4:45 in the Staff Room, H-3, which is adjacent to the Student Union.
    Per California Education Code, the role of the School Site Council is to review the development and monitor the implementation of the Single Plan for Student Achievement ("SPSA").  SPSA goals are aligned with the DUSD Vision 2020 Strategic Plan and identified based on student achievement growth targets.  They are assessed periodically and revised annually.  Typically, there are 3 goals that focus on school-wide improvement:  English/Literacy, Mathematics and College-Career Readiness.  Emphasis is on monitoring the academic progress of all students, with particular attention to under-served students and those performing below expectations.  The target is continuous improvement in each area.
    In addition, the SSC is interested in the progress teachers are making in their course-alike Professional Learning Communities; for example, discussions on guaranteed viable curriculum, common formative assessments, instructional strategies, data analysis, closing the achievement gap and best practices vs. past practices.
    The council is also interested in learning how teachers collaborate to "backwards map" from Smart Balanced assessments to common core and content standards.  To this end, teachers are invited to share their experiences with brief presentation to the council.  

    2019-2020 School Site Council Members

    Position Name
     Chairperson (Parent)  Sobia Qureshi 
     Vice-Chairperson (Parent)  Barna De 
     Principal  Maureen Byrne
     Secretary (Staff)  Naheed Imran
     DHS Staff (IA)  Amy Van Emmerik 
     DHS Staff (Teacher)  Ramany Kaplan
     DHS Staff (Teacher)  Richard Bueti
     DHS Staff (Teacher)   Veronica Weinholz
     Parent Representatives Elaine Harmon,Ramya Ramakrishnan
     Student Representatives  Celine Chan,Jessaca Matheny, Sidney Tran