• Archiving 
    On this page you will find the forms needed to archive for the District. The Maintenance Office does one large archive pick up once a year at the beginning of summer. Typically archiving is done before the end of June. If you miss the deadline you will have to store the boxes until the next summer.  All archiving is processed through the Maintenance and Operations Department.  Sites cannot open their own account to archive. On average the district archives around 100 boxes each year, please follow the procedures to make archiving a smooth process for the Maintenance Office. 
    Site Secretaries:
    All archiving must be done before you leave for summer. Please contact the warehouse worker to let them know how many boxes you have for pickup and where the boxes are located at your site.
    District Office: 
    Please have your archiving done before the end of June to give the Maintenance Office enough time to process all of the boxes. Contact the warehouse worker to let them know that you have archive boxes for pick up. 
    Tips & Procedures: 
    Follow the Classification guide
    The fiscal year is the year the records are from - not the year they are archived
    Do not mix classes
    Place two record management forms inside the box
    Do not tape anything to the outside of the box 
    Tape around the perimeter of the box for stability 
    Do not tape the lid of the box to the box
    Use the copy paper boxes for archiving
    Do not use the district moving boxes for archiving 
    If you need a box from archiving:
    Please keep a copy of your archive management forms for your records. We list the box exactly how you write it on the form. If you need a box from archive, email Lisa Caldira with the record contents and the year the box is from. She will then look up your box and contact Cor-O-Data to have it delivered here at the District Office. It usually takes one day for the box to be delivered. Once it is delivered, you can come to the Maintenance and Operations office to look through the box. Please keep in mind that it is costly each time a box is ordered. 
    Thank you.