• Fallon Middle School-6th Grade Core 2020-21

    Language Arts/History


    Dear Parents/ Guardians,


    Welcome to 6th grade Core! We, as a 6th grade team, are looking forward to meeting and getting to know you and your student this year.



    Language Arts:                             History:

    -Literature: Pearson Holt                -World History: Ancient Civilizations

    -supplemental novels                     -supplements


    Language Arts

    Q1 Explanatory/Informational

    Q2 Argumentative

    Q3 Narrative

    Q4 Research

    Language Arts Expectations

    • English notebook will be used daily, must bring to class each day (3 subject)
    • Maintain organized materials
    • Only Language Arts work will be done in your notebook
    • Quarterly core novels
    • Graded assignments/assessments throughout the quarter (reading and grammar quizzes/essays)



    Q1 Early Man and Ancient Mesopotamia

    Q2 Ancient Egypt/Kush/ Israel

    Q3 Ancient India/ China

    Q4 Ancient Greece/Rome

    History Expectations

    • History notebook will be used daily, must bring to class each day (3 subject)
    • Maintain organized materials
    • Graded assignments/assessments/projects throughout the quarter
    • Only History work will be done in your notebook

    Grading Policy

    Language Arts and History    


    60% assignments

    40% assessments (tests, quizzes, essays, projects)

    Students who score below 75% on assessments will have the option to make corrections for a max new score of 75%. The responsibility for this falls on the student. They must take initiative and approach the teacher.



    Materials Needed for 6th Grade Core

    • 3 subject notebook for Language Arts
    • 3 subject notebook for History
    • Pencils
    • Pencil sharpener
    • Colored pencils
    • Scissors
    • Glue stick


    Refer to the individual teacher’s class rules.


    We encourage students to approach their teachers with any questions or concerns.  If parents have any additional questions, the best way to reach us is through email. In addition, please check the website for announcements and other updates.




    The 6th Grade Team!


    Sarah Bastida: bastidasarah@dublinusd.org

    Stephen Clay: claystephen@dublinusd.org

    Christina DeMelo: demelochristina@dublinusd.org

    Trina English: englishtrina@dublinusd.org

    Rachael Guinther: guintherrachael@dublinusd.org

    Joshua Holbak: holbakjoshua@dublinusd.org

    Kristi Park: parkkristi@dublinusd.org

    Nick Zarcone: zarconenick@dublinusd.org