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    Volume 1

    4th Grade Newsletter

    August 2018

    Teacher’s Note:  Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!  We are enjoying getting to know our new classes, and we look forward to a fantastic year teaching your child.  We have a lot of fun and exciting lessons and activities planned for this year and we are getting started right away.  We hope to answer your questions at Back to School Night on August 23rd. However, please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions anytime throughout the year.  Email works best. Please make an appointment to talk at a convenient time for both parties, as we need to start instruction when the second morning bell rings. Finally, please take time to visit our Kolb website.  There you can find essential information, such as a link to your individual teacher’s website, the district calendar, a link to Kolb’s PFC website, the bell schedule, which includes collaboration days and release times, information on after school enrichment opportunities, and current Kolb Headline points.  


    Miss Betando, Mrs. Burrell, Mrs. Freschi, and Mrs. Emig

    English Language Arts:


    We are starting a brand new ELA curriculum this year. We look forward to starting this program as it includes the reading of both fiction and nonfiction texts. In 4th grade students should be reading 50% fiction, and 50% nonfiction.  We will introduce components of good reading strategies, such as vocabulary development, analyzing characters through inferring skills, and charting figurative language, to name a few. We will also use our Social Studies and Science textbook to teach non-fiction reading strategies, such as using text features, to increase comprehension.

    Our Writing focus will be to write a personal narrative.  A personal narrative is written from the first person “I” point of view and is a writing piece based on a personal experience from the writer’s own life.  Specifically, students will be writing about a zoomed in moment, focusing on the heart of a story.

    This month in math we will begin with Topics 3 and 4 because they set the basis for talking about numbers and review skills learned in third grade.

    Topic 1 :Place Value

    Topic Essential Questions:

    • • How are greater numbers read and written?
    • • How can whole numbers be compared and ordered?

    Topic 2:Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers

    Topic Essential Questions

    • • How can sums and differences of whole numbers be estimated?
    • • What are standard procedures for adding and subtracting whole numbers?

    Throughout the year the 4th grade teachers will give multiplication and division timed tests, approximately one to two times a week.  Students should memorize their facts with fluency. Two suggestions would be to use flashcards on a regular basis and to find free online websites where students can practice their math facts in a fun way.


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    Social Studies:


    Upcoming Dates...

    In fourth grade, we cover California history. We start by getting to know the land of California. Here are our big questions this month.

    • How are the areas of California different?
    • How have the California landforms and water affected settlement?

    Please bring in copies of family pictures of places of interest you have visited throughout California.  We will display them throughout the year on a special California Travelin’ bulletin board.

    This month in science students will revisit the Scientific Method, a process students undergo as they make scientific inquiries.  Most of our science lessons include a hands on lab experience that reinforces concepts for the week.

    Next month, we will start our Life Science unit.

    • August 22-Collaboration Day
    • August 23-Back to School Night (Fourth Grade 7:00-7:30)
    • August 24-Student Council applications due
    • August 29-Collaboration Day
    • September 3-No School due to Labor Day

    *School ends at 2:00 on Collaboration Days


    Other Notes:

    1. Please send in Box Tops to raise money for our school.  They are worth 10 cents each, and every penny counts.

    2. Please contact the band teacher asap, Ms. Chris Immesoete, if your child is interested in joining band.  Band starts soon.

    3. Every Friday we encourage students to wear their Spirit Wear.

    4. Please review these tips to keep kids safe during drop off and pick up times:

    • Utilize the loading zones while remaining in your vehicle

    • Refrain from making U-Turns on Palermo

    • Turn only right out of our parking lot

    • Drop your children off along the street instead of a loading zone

    • Consider parking at Fallon Sports Park

    • Allow extra time each morning for traffic

    • Be patient with the process

    Thank you so much for your continued support as we embark on another great school year.