• Sophomore Syllabus

    Dublin High School

    English Department

    Sophomore English

    Mrs. McGinley

    833-3300 ext. 7058


    Office hours: Lunch and Tuesdays  2:45-4:00 and by appointment

    Course Description

    This is a survey course in which we will be studying different genres (short story, novel, essay, memoir and drama). We will be focusing on the Common Core for developing and practicing writing skills, research skills, public speaking skills and cooperative group skills. Many of your in-class and homework assignments will be based on our readings..

    Notebooks and Agendas:

    All students must have an English notebook for the following:

    *Daily agendas are to be copied from the overhead  every day. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the agenda from a classmate. They will be collected at the end of each quarter.

    *Daily journals/quotes

    *You must keep all returned and graded work.

    *You must have a section for notes

    *Paper for assignments

    Classroom Rules

    *Students must be in their seats and ready to work when the final bell rings.

    *Students will speak in turn and will respect others’ rights to learn and to express their own opinions.

    *There will be no inappropriate language or remarks; no being mean!

    *No gum, food, or drinks in the classroom.

    *Students must adhere to all rules outlined in the Dublin High School discipline policy.

    *No cell phones

    *Students must remove hats when in the classroom

    *All major essays will be typed; all essays using secondary sources must utilize MLA format

    *Class work and homework must be written in blue or black ink and must be legible.

    *Plagiarism will not be tolerated. The first offense will result in the student receiving a zero on the assignment, a referral and suspension from class for one day.

    * Students must keep all graded work


    Grades are based on the percentage of total points possible:

            100-90 = A

            89-80 =B

            79-70 =C

            69-60 =D

            59 and below =F

    Points are earned by completing vocabulary (10% of your grade), essays (30% of your grade), group projects, presentations, homework (combined 30%) and tests (30% of your grade).  Assignments are due at the beginning of the class period unless otherwise stated. Turning in work later will result in half credit. Any work later than three days will receive no credit. Grades will be updated in the portal every other week.

    Help and Absent Work

    I want you to be successful in this class and I am available any time after school to help you. Please schedule an appointment with me so I can plan on giving you my undivided attention. If you are absent and have missed work, you will need to come at lunch or  after school to obtain the assignments. Missed quizzes and tests must be made-up also during these times within three days of  the absence.  You have the same number of days that you were absent to make  up your missed work. Additionally, it is a great idea to have telephone numbers of other students in class in order to get missed assignments.


    Homework serves to reinforce concepts that we have covered in class and to prepare students for upcoming discussions lessons so they can obtain optimum understanding and skills. You must be prepared to have homework nightly. This can include reading, answering questions, reviewing the day’s lesson, and/or working with other students on group projects.  Late work for essays will be penalized 10% if not turned in the day it is due, with an additional 5% each day after that (max. 50%).  Assignments will be marked down 50% if turned in late.  Late work MUST be turned in during the same unit in which it was assigned.  Late work will NOT be accepted if we have moved on to a new Unit of Study.

    **All agendas will be posted on the 10th grade calendar on my website.

    Cheating and Academic Integrity: It is crucial that each student does his/her own work. This is the only way students will learn and gain the most success. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Upon the first offense, students will receive a zero on the assignment plagiarized, a referral, and suspension from class. Second offenses and beyond will be dealt with more severe consequences.



    Please detach this portion and return. Maintain the upper portion in your binder.

    I have read and understand the rules and course requirements for Mrs. McGinley’s English class.



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