•  Local Control Accountability Plan
    The annual Local Control Accountability Plan process for the 2018/19 school year began in February 2018. The outreach for this year's plan included presentations/discussions at, at least, all of the following:
    District Level: DELAC 4/12, Parent Engagement Think Tank 4/11, LCAP 4/16, Ed Services 4/14, Superintendent’s Council 4/17, LCAP 5/7
    Amador: Leadership Team 4/11, SSC 4/12, Staff  4/16 PFC 4/20, ELAC 5/22
    CC: Parent Meeting 4/26
    DHS: Staff 4/18, SSC 4/23, PFSO 4/23, ELAC 5/16
    Dublin El: SSC 4/11, PFC 4/11, Staff 4/16, ELAC 5/24
    Fallon: PFC 4/16, ELAC 4/26, Staff 4/26
    Fred: SSC 4/12, Staff 5/14, ELAC 5/16
    Green: Staff 4/9, SSC 4/11, PFC 4/18, ELAC 5/14
    JDS: Staff  4/9, PFC 4/11, SSC  4/17, ELAC 5/9
    Kolb: SSC 3/29, Leadership Team 4/16
    Murray - SSC 3/29, ELAC 4/27, PFC 5/2
    Valley - Staff 5/2
    Wells - SSC 4/24, Principal's Coffee 4/25, PFC 4/25, ELAC 5/14
    The following is the timeline for this year's LCAP review process:
    February 2018 - launched principal survey to review goals from the 2017/18 LCAP Plan
    March 2018 - tally input from principals, design outreach campaign, train principals on outreach process and presentations, launch parent survey, launch classified staff survey, launch certificated survey
    April 2018 - launch student survey, convene first LCAP Advisory meeting, 
    May - LCAP advisory meeting, review and summarize data for addition to this year's plan, draft goals/action/surveys, send draft LCAP to Alameda County Office of Education for review
    June - finalize LCAP, board hearing, two board meetings with LCAP discussion items
    This year's LCAP Advisory is comprised of:
    Richard Beard, CSEA representative
    Bailey, student member
    Brieann Estep, Assistant Principal
    Landry Ngambia, Parent
    Robbie Kreitz, DTA representative
    Amy Miller, DUSD Trustee/Parent
    Lauren McGovern, Principal
    Maddock Monroe, Parent
    Sobia Qureshi, Parent
    Tim Sbranti, Community Member/Parent
    Priyanka Sharma, Parent
    Alberto Solorzano, Director of Secondary Education
    Barna Vallishayee, Parent

    Heather Ghereben, Assistant Principal
    Dr. Lisa Gonzales, Assistant Superintendent/Facilitator
    Business Support Team
    Sandy Harrington, Director, Fiscal Services
    Amy Sherman, Account Tech IV
    2018-19 LCAP Plan
    LCAP Infographic