PLEASE carefully follow the instructions on the application on where to turn in your scholarships.  Many need to be mailed in, so pay close attention to the due dates.  If by mail, allow at least two to three business days to get there in time!
    A small portion of the scholarships state that they need to be turned into the career center or counseling.  Please do not come to campus as we are closed.  Instead, please do one of the following:
    1) Scan and email to me -  please state in the subject line what scholarship you are applying for
    2) If you do not have a scanner, please take a clear photo and email it to me.  If I cannot read the application via photo, I will let you know and we can find another way for you to get it to me.  When emailing, please state in the subject line what scholarship you are applying for 
    3) If neither of the above works for you, please email me and I will figure out another way for you to get the application to me.  I am here to help!
    The following is our most current scholarship list.  
    PDF's of Local Scholarship Opportunities for download.  All of these scholarships are listed in Google Sheets and PDF above. 
    Dublin Integrity in Action Scholarship - Due 4/24/20 - NEW DUE DATE (email to Mrs. Nobida)
    A few tips:  
    - Many of the scholarships ask for a transcript. You can download that from your portal. If you have questions, please contact me.  
    - If the application asks you what college you will be attending, many of you will not know that information yet.  I recommend listing the colleges you were accepted to and the ones that you are still waiting to hear back from.  
    - Some scholarships have NEW DUE DATEs that will not be changed on the actual scholarship application.  Please go by the dates that are on the Google Sheet/PDF.  Since I do not have access to the original scholarship, I do not have ability to change it on the application.  
    Other places to find scholarships:
    • Organizations your family is connected to, including parent workplace, church, unions, clubs, etc
    • Check your intended colleges' financial aid/scholarship website for opportunities
    • Free online searches

    The class of 2019 received a grand total of $4,960,033 in scholarship money.  This figure includes community, national, collegiate and military awards. 

    Slideshow from Senior Day/FAFSA and Scholarship Workshop on 10/16/19


    Private FREE Scholarship Websites:
    - Cappex:  https://www.cappex.com/  
    - Discover Accounting Scholarships:  https://discoveraccounting.org/scholarships/
    - FastWeb: www.fastweb.com 
    - FinAid on the Web: www.finaid.org
    - GoCollege: The Collegiate Websource: www.gocollege.com 
    - Healthcare Administrative Scholarship Resource:  https://discoverhealthadmin.org/health-administration-scholarships/
    - Scholarships and Financial aid for Students with Disabilities:  Affordable Colleges.com 
    - Scholarships for Minority Status from Life Prep Academy:  http://www.lifeprepacademy.org/scholarships-by-minority-status/
    - Scholarship Resource Network Express: www.srnexpress.com 
    - Wired Scholar: www.wiredscholar.com
    Important update regarding Financial Aid: 
    • The FAFSA form remains open until June 30, 2020. Any student or family who has not yet completed a FAFSA may still do so.
    • For those who have completed a FAFSA, and whose financial circumstances have changed considerably, we encourage you to reach out to your institution’s financial aid office. Financial aid administrators are afforded a degree of professional judgment under the law for state and federal aid, as well as for institutional aid, and can work with students and families whose incomes have been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • For other questions related to the COVID-19 outbreak and federal financial aid, visit https://studentaid.gov/announcements-events/coronavirus
    FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid Application opens on October 1st!  

    Seniors: the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is open on October 1st.  All students who are planning on attending any post-secondary school need to fill out this free application for aid.  It is the opportunity for you to ask for financial help for college, and will protect you if there is a family financial disaster.  You can access the application at www.fafsa.ed.gov.  It is encouraged for students and parents to fill out the FAFSA, and if they have questions, to bring those questions to the Financial Aid Night meeting.  Also, some of the more expensive private institutions require students to submit the CSS Profile, which you will find on the College Board website.  You'll also need to submit the FAFSA if you are submitting the CSS Profile.  

    From the Dublin HS 2018/2019 Financial Aid Workshop:
    Other Useful Resources:
    - California Student Aid Commission:  http://www.csac.ca.gov/
    www.edvisors.com/fafsa-book free book with  line-by-line instructions for filling out the fafsa 
    - Federal Aid information page: www.studentaid.ed.gov
    icanaffordcollege.com - brought to you by the California Community Colleges
    - IRS Tax Benefits for Education http://studentaid.ed.gov/types/tax-benefits
    - Official Financial Aid Information Page: www.finaid.org/
    - Veterans Educational Benefits:  www.va.gov/va.htm
    - View your personal Cal Grant status:  https://mygrantinfo.csac.ca.gov