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    Welcome to the home page for First Friday Forum or F-cubed! On the first Friday of each month that school is in session, a panel of teachers is assembled to discuss a current event or topic of interest to the Dublin High School community.  Topics range from politics to international news to sports to new technologies and everything in between.  The hope is that this will be an opportunity to have students observe and participate in high-minded discussions about topics that they normally wouldn't get to discuss in a regular class setting.  Combine that with the opportunity to see multiple teachers from different disciplines interact and discuss the biggest issues and challenges facing our society, and you have all the components for an intellectually stimulating experience like no other.  

    The Forum is always held on the first Friday of each month, in the career center, at lunch.  Grab your lunch and come join the discussion!  The forum starts about 15 minutes after 4th period ends and goes for around and half hour, at which time there is a 10 minute question and answer period for the panel.

    Past forums:

     October 7th:
    Jennifer Lea, Gregory Rodriguez, and Kelly Ball discussed the Syrian refugee crisis and it's implications on  the European Union in general and France in particular.  Discussion included how Isis formed and how its formation resulted in the departure of millions of Syrians.  The geo-politics of the Middle East were also discussed.
    November 4th 
    Ron Rubio and Lisa Carhart discussed the 2016 elections, the candidacies of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and how each were appealing to voters.  They also talked about the media influence on the election and the prominence of outsider primary candidates like Bernie Sanders, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, and Ted Cruz and what the popularity of these candidates says about the attitude of the electorate towards Washington D.C.  
    December 2nd
    DHS alumni and Para-Olympic gold medalist Bethany Zummo told us about seated volleyball, her experiences in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, going to the White House, and wining Gold for the United States.

    Upcoming Forums:

     February 3rd 
    Jennifer McCort and a group of student attendees from the close-up trip will debrief their experiences in Washington D.C.  
    March 3rd 
    April 14
    May 5th 
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