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    4th Grade Newsletter

    December  2018


    Teacher’s Note: December is time for warm clothes, fun activities, and family.  We are all looking forward to the two week break at the end of December.  With that said, we have a lot to do before then. We have stories to read, topics to cover, and tests to take.  Kolb understands that families often want to start their break early. However, whenever your child misses school, they are missing important learning opportunities that cannot be made up by doing extra homework.  Let’s have a great December of learning and fun before the break starts!


    Enjoy your break and any holidays that you may celebrate!



    Miss Betando, Mrs. Burrell,  Mrs. Freschi and Mrs. Emig

    English Language Arts:


    We are in the middle of doing a reading unit all about different points of view. What do we learn when we look at the world through the eyes of others? We will be using this topic to study key ideas and details. We will analyze first, second, and third person narratives. We will also use the points of view to draw inferences about the characters in the stories we read.

    We are well into informational writing now.  Students are working on the structure of an informational essay.  They are focusing on main idea details, fine-tuning their introductions, endings, use of transition words, and writing with a more formal tone.

    Students are starting nightly vocabulary homework. Each week, students will study 10 words. There will be an assignment for the words every night. On Friday, they will take a quiz. Making flash cards of the words is a great way to do some extra studying.

    We are finishing our last topic on multiplication and starting a long division unit. Just like with multiplication, we will try to teach students different methods if they struggle with the standard method of long division. Remember that students should be able to explain whichever method they use.

    Topic 8: Fluency: Multiplying by 2-Digit Numbers

    Topic Essential Questions

    • • How can arrays be used to find greater products?
    • • What is a standard procedure for multiplying multi-digit numbers?

    Topic 9: Number Sense: Dividing by 1-Digit Divisors

    Topic Essential Questions

    • • What are the different meanings of division?
    • • How can mental math and estimation be used to divide?

    Winter break is a great time to do some extra multiplication fact memorization if your child is still struggling in that area.

    Social Studies:


    Upcoming Dates...

    This month in Social Studies students are continuing to learn about California’s changing economy. We will be comparing how California was before and after the Spanish came.  

    Our Lessons for December include:

    • What was life like in Spanish and Mexican California? (Lesson 2-5)
    • How did California’s early economy change? (Lesson 2-6)
    • How did the Mexican War for Independence affect California? (Lesson 2-7)

    California Travelin’

    Please bring in copies of family pictures of places of interest you have visited throughout California.  We will display them throughout the year on our special California Travelin’ bulletin board.

    Since we are really focusing on our Social Studies standards right now, we will not be working on any science topics in December.

    Starting in January we will focus on Physical Science. Specifically, we will be investigating what is energy, types of energy, and circuits.

    Wednesday, December 5:

    Collaboration day

    Thursday, December 6:

    Breakfast Bookclub (7:20 am),

    EDCC Christmas Show (5:00), and School Site Council Meeting (3:15)

    Friday December 7:

    Due date for Mission Field Trip permission slips

    Wednesday, December 12:

    Collaboration day

    Friday, December 21:

    Spirit Day - Pajamas! and

    Minimum Day (12:30)

    Sat., Dec. 22-Fri, Jan 4:

    Winter Break, No School

    See you on January 7th!

    *Students get out at 2:00 on collaboration days

    We have a field trip in January that requires parent drivers. Currently, there are zero parents of fourth graders cleared to drive. We will not be able to attend the field trip unless we get enough parents to drive. If you can, please bring a copy of your insurance coverage and complete the driver form from the office. If you aren’t cleared to volunteer, you will also need to do the general volunteer form and bring a copy of your driver’s license.