• This field trip “locker” is intended to house all needed documents for field trips for staff in the Dublin Unified School District for school-sponsored field trips.

    Dublin Unified School District staff oversees all supervision of school-sponsored field trips.

    What is a school-sponsored field trip? A school-sponsored trip is one that is organized by a school employee under the jurisdiction of his/her role in DUSD and is a trip that is managed, paid for, and conducted under the auspices of DUSD Board Policy. For more information, please see the School Sponsored Field Trip document below.

    Field trips must serve educational purposes. The trip must be related to a school curricular or extracurricular activity

    Participation in field trips is a privilege. Each student must have a record of responsible citizenship to be eligible to participate. Students who are academically at-risk may not be eligible to participate in multi-day field trips.     

    Schools should strive to have representation among participants that reflects the racial/ethnic composition of the school district. 

    The site principal and/or site coordinator will announce and advertise trips in a fashion that encourages all interested students, regardless of ability to pay. No trip will be authorized where a member of the group will be excluded because of lack of sufficient funds.    

    Trips shall not be scheduled during district testing periods. 

    If funds are not otherwise provided, school sites should budget funds to cover the costs of substitutes. ASB funds cannot be used for substitutes, or the cost of adults. Parent chaperones should pay for themselves, and school staff should be covered by site budgets. 

    ASB funds cannot be used to pay for curriculum and co-curricular field trips and excursions, which are an integral part of the grade level and/or classroom instruction. A school day means a seat based instructional day that student is required to attend as required by compulsory attendance law and a day claimed as State attendance money by the District, aka ADA (average daily attendance). 

    Parents may be asked to voluntarily contribute to the cost for out of state, out of country trips provided that such payment is not mandatory and no student is prevented from making the trip due to the inability to pay for the trip. In the event the field trip is cancelled, such voluntary contributions submitted by parents are to be refunded, less any nonrefundable deposit charges imposed by District contracted travel agents or trip sponsors. Parents must be notified prior to their contribution, of any nonrefundable deposits or other fees. Parents must be notified prior to their contribution of any nonrefundable deposits or other fees.  

    A school-connected organization (such as PFC’s or Boosters) may raise funds and donate the money to the District to help pay for school-sponsored field trips; however, the field trip itself must be coordinated, paid, and documented by the school. A school-connected organization (such as PFC’s or Boosters) receives donations and subsequently makes a monetary donation, via a check, accompanied by a donation letter specifying the intended use of the funds. All associated field trip expenses, such as travel arrangements, accommodations, and payments to vendors for field trip associated expenses may not be made by any school-connected organization. The school-connected organizations can donate to the school to pay for these expenses; but the field trip itself must be coordinated, paid, and documented by the school. Fundraising must not be done in any way as to unduly pressure students or their families.  

    Out of state trips are only permitted for specific, identifiable groups such as the school band, chorus, and athletic or academic team. No out of state trips are authorized for all members of a class or grade levels such as an 8th grade trip to Washington D.C.