It is imperative that your student attends school daily. Lost classroom time is difficult to replace. However, if you find that you need an extended absence during the school year, you will need to request an Independent Study Contract. The contract prevents your child from falling behind and gives him or her attendance credit. If work is not received by the scheduled deadline, the contract will be considered incomplete and voided. The student will not receive attendance
    credit.Below are the guidelines and policy for requesting an Independent Study Contract.
    1. Parent must notify administration at least 10 school days prior to the absence.
    2. Students whose achievement level is below grade level standards may not be eligible. (There is evidence that the student will not work independently to complete the program.)

    3. Students who have had an Independent Study Contract (ISC) in the past and did not successfully complete it, are not eligible for a new contract.

    4. Contracts are issued for a minimum of 5 school days and a maximum of 20 days. On the 21st day, your child will be dropped.

    5. Contracts may not be faxed or emailed, unless worked out with the administration.

    6. A student with disabilities, as defined in Ed Code 56026, is not eligible for Independent Study unless his/her Individualized Education Program (IEP) specifically provides for such participation (Ed Code, 51745).

    7. Student must turn in work before or on the agreed contract date for absences to be cleared and to avoid truancy procedures.
    a.) If the contract goes through the last day of school, work must be turned in no later than 4:00 pm Friday prior to the       last day of school. The school will not accept faxes. Pre-arranged emails must be in the contract. If you mail your             work in, (UPS/ Fed Ex) please make sure you have a tracking number which you can provide the office staff. It is the           responsibility of the parent/student to make arrangements to get the work turned into the office on time.

    8. Students may receive an incomplete on the report card, due to incomplete class participation.
    Contracts must be approved by the teacher and the principal. Forms must be completed and returned to the school office ten (10) days before departure. Please do not buy plane tickets before this approval. You will hear of the school’s decision no later than two days from the date of request.
    **Any work not completed per contract agreement will result in unexcused absences, no credit for middle and high school students, and lowering of grades for elementary students.
    Revised April 2017