TIMELINE*                 ACTION                                        
     8+ weeks 
    Begin all fundraising; make all travel arrangements; start board approval process 
    6+ weeks 
    Field Trip Authorization Form; complete all School Board approval forms, even if trip is tentative; secure chaperones and hold chaperone meeting/orientation

     2 weeks prior 

    Request for Absence for District Business form if substitute is needed; put absence in absence management system and fill out triplicate form-obtain from secretary  
     2 weeks prior

    Health clerks review all students; copy all health forms for trip; complete parent approval forms; DMV/ background check clearance 

     1 week prior Submit all forms to Principal (Check-off list for Field Trips); all communication with chaperones  
     Prior to Departure 

    Brief students on first aid; provide roster to office staff 

    Educational Services Department
    School Board 
    (Forms are fillable pdf documents.)
    Field Trip Authorization Form   (FORM)    
    Check-off List for Field Trips    (PDF)      
    K-8 Permission Slip and Medical Authorization  (PDF)      
    9-12 Permission Slip and Medical Authorization  (PDF)  
    Volunteer Driver and Medical Release Form  (PDF)      
    Field Trip Leader Certification   (PDF)   
    Field Trip Volunteer Information Form (PDF) 
    Field Trip Code of Conduct Form for Staff/Chaperones & Signature Forms   (PDF)    
    Field Trip-Board Approval Form (to be submitted to EducationalServices Department)   (PDF)    
    Sample - Student Code of Conduct Form   (Word)

    *Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services may review field trips that cannot meet the necessary timelines. These will be the exception and not an ongoing practice as our Board policy clearly states the Board requires pre-approval for all overnight and out-of-state school-sponsored trips. If there is a possibility that a student/group of students may qualify for a competition, event, or trip, get pre-approval with tentative dates. This can also be done at the beginning of the school year for possible regional or state competitions with dates TBD if students qualify.

    The following documents may also be needed, depending on the type of transportation used, risk assessment, and for staff reference:

    High Risk/Prohibited Activities   (PDF)       
    *District Van Request Form   (PDF)     
    *Student Provided Transportation Agreement   (PDF)       
    *Parent Providing Own Transportation/Student Leaving Event with Parent   (PDF)      
    Procedure for Medication During Field Trips   (PDF)    
    Non-School Sponsored Field Trip   (PDF)  
    2018-19 Approved Charter Bus Companies   (PDF)
    Sample - Intent to Participate Letter   (Word)
    Field Trip Chaperone Checklist    (PDF) 

    *Those with an asterisk above are also key forms for athletic and competition teams.