• Boundary Committee Revised Timeline
    Meeting dates Tentative

    May 2017

    Board received update on the timeline and the process of soliciting and selecting community members for the boundary committee.

    June 2017

    • Establishment of Boundary Committee (Request Board of Trustees review recommended list of community members and give input.)
    • Committee Members notified via phone, email and mail
    • Boundary Committee Prep for development of the first agenda and the charge for the committee, development partnership with demographer
    • Approval from E Cabinet of process, agenda and timeline

    July, 2017

    • Committee Meeting: July 27, 6:30 pm,  Bldg. C

    August, 2017

    • Committee meeting: Tentative Mtg. August 17, 6:30 pm, Bldg. C
    • Update E Cabinet: TBA Dates 

    September, 2017

    • Committee meeting: Tentative Mtg., September 7, 6:30 pm, Bldg. C
    • Update E Cabinet: TBA Dates

    October, 2017

    • Committee meeting: October 12, 6:30 pm, Bldg. C
    • Update E Cabinet: TBA Dates
    • Conduct 2 Community Information Nights
    • Information night at each school site, TBA-To be determined at the first meeting

    November, 2017

    • Board Information on Recommended Option:
    • Board Decision on Recommended Option
    • Communicate to community