• DHS Student Parking

    DHS Seniors who would like to park in the DHS parking lots during school hours must purchase a parking permit in the Student Activites Office or on the DHS Gaels WebStore. There is an online Parking Permit Application that is required and must be completed before a student can pick up his/her parking permit. It is OK to purchase a parking permit and then complete the form. Inventory will be tracked.  
    During Gael Check-In, parking permits will not be distributed. They will be available for pick up during the first week of school in the Student Activities Office. Students must bring their driver license with them to pick up a permit.
    Parking permits are non-transferable. The cost is $50.00 and the permit is only good for the school year in which it was purchased. 
    Please Note (new for 19-20 school year): Parking permits are for Seniors only. Due to limited parking, Seniors will have priority, then it will open to Juniors, based on availability and on a first come, first serve basis.


    • Area between Gym & Industrial Arts Building
    • Village Parkway Staff Parking Lot
    • Handicapped parking spaces.
    • Driveways, in front of poles, red zones, and areas that are posted.


    A Dublin High School Parking permit is required to park in the student lots during school hours. If a parking permit is lost, another one must be purchased at full price. Drivers are expected to follow all state laws and school rules to retain the privilege of using the student section of the parking lots. If issued, a Dublin High School Parking Permit grants a student the PRIVILEGE of parking in the student sections of the parking lots. Parking permits MUST be hung from a rear view mirror or in plain sight on the front dashboard. If the student is in violation of any of the Dublin High School parking regulations, he/she will be assigned a LOP detention or Saturday school. The vehicle may receive a strong adhesive warning sticker on a window, a parking ticket, and/or the vehicle may be towed without prior notice or warning. Please be advised that if a student’s vehicle is towed, he/she is responsible for any and all charges.


    • Reckless driving, exhibition driving, speed contests as determined by school officials are strictly prohibited by law.
    • Students who engage in such practice on the campus or streets adjacent to the school will be subject to discipline and/or referral to the Dublin Police Department and school officials.
    • The foregoing regulations are permitted under the state vehicle code 21113. They are intended to insure safety and security for all concerned and will be strictly enforced.
    • Any violation of school rules while in your vehicle or in the parking lot will be subject to discipline, which includes strong adhesive warning sticker, parking ticket, or towing of your vehicle. Continued violations will result in loss of parking privileges.
    • All student vehicles must, without exception, be parked in area designated for students.
    • The parking lot is off-limits during the school day. Students may not loiter in the parking lot and should only be in the parking lot while coming to or departing from school.
    • Vehicles are NOT to be used as lockers.
    • All monies received from parking permit sales goes towards campus safety.