Week of December 3

  • Upcoming Events:

    • December 5: Parent Camp Packets due (please pay extra attention to the pink and blue pages to answer all parts accurately)
    • December 12: Collaboration Day (school ends at 2)
    • December 13: Tech Museum Field Trip
    • December 17: Progress reports go home
    • December 21: Minimum Day (school ends at 12:30)


    Topic 10 Tests have been passed back. If you haven't already, please review, sign, and return it with your child. Topic 11 is Multiplying Fractions.    

    English Language Arts
    Please monitor your child to make sure he/she is reading an AR book for at least 30 minutes daily. Students will be taking AR quizzes (online comprehension quizzes) after finishing a book and are required to read at least 100,000 words each month. 

    We're reading Counting by 7's. We'll also work with informative text on identifying main idea and details. We've begun our new writing unit on argument writing--working on finding evidence through research and writing a claim stating their opinion with reasons. 

    Social Studies
    Colonial Studies

    Science (Mr. Ewing, C-12)

    • We will continue with a focus on our Earth's spheres, with an emphasis on our atmosphere and weather.  This will als lead into our unit on human impacts on Earth's systems.
    • A project called "Milk Carton Greenhoue" will go home on Monday.  This is an at home, engineering project that will ultimately be used to demonstrate how greenhouse gases work to keep our earth warmer than it would be without them.  This will be due Friday, December 14th.