At the Tuesday, August 8, 2017 regular Board of Trustees meeting, the Dublin Unified School District initiated the formation of a Community Review Committee to assess, analyze and explore options related to the plan for a future high school in the Dublin Unified School District.

    The Community Review Committee (CRC) will be comprised of 18 members representing stakeholders from across the district, chosen largely by fellow community members. The CRC will work under the direction of the Future High School Project Manager, a qualified professional from outside the District who will serve as a liaison between the committee and the District/Board of Trustees. The Project Manager, who will be hired in a temporary consulting role, will not be a voting member of the committee. 

    The CRC’s Charge will be to:

    • Assess and analyze the current land options available for the future high school and high school capacity
    • Identify challenges and opportunities related to each site based on criteria identified by the Project Manager/Board of Trustees
    • Listen and incorporate community feedback into potential recommendations
    • Make recommendations to the Board of Trustees as to the viability of each site based on cost, timeline, and feasibility

    Each of the District’s 11 schools will be represented on the CRC by a parent, teacher or staff member chosen by their School Site Council (SSC), following an open application process. In order to be considered a school “representative”, applicants must have a child that attends that school or work at that site as an employee.

    In addition, the CRC will include a member of the senior community, representatives from the District’s employee associations, a current high school student and two community at-large members, who will be chosen by the Project Manager. The committee is expected to begin its work on the week of September 4, 2017.

    “The committee marks an important step forward in our process to evaluate options for a future high school,” Board President Megan Rouse said. “The Board feels strongly that the community should be brought into this process as we weigh critical factors related to this issue. We look forward to giving the CRC the information it needs to get to work.”

    The Board of Trustees will continue the important discussion of a future high school in Dublin.