December 2, 2017
    Doug Gephart-Project Manager

    The Community Review Committee is currently in the process of completing a detailed analysis of multiple properties as potential sites for a new high school.  This analys includes a combination of 82 major and minor categories that the Committee believes presents a thorough review of the advantages and disadvantages of each property.  Ideally, the acreage for a new school would be between 40 and 50 acres of flat land without significant mitigation issues for environment, topography, safety, road extensions, and availability.  Unfortunately, properties of this size are also the properties with the greaest challenges and potentially the greatest cost to mitigate before construction could conceivably commence.  Nonetheless, the CRC members remain committed to fully analyzing the potential for all properties prior to submitting their findings to the Board of Trustees.
    We hope to complete the property analysis by December 16th with a report to the Board by no later than the second meeting in January


    November 4, 2017
    Doug Gephart-Project Manager

    The Community Review Committee convened on Saturday November 4, 2017 to complete the initial property evaluation for a potential future high school site. Prior to the end of the meeting, the Committee completed the initial evaluation of potential properties and determined whether the property should be included in a list for the Board of Trustees to consider or placed on a list for future consideration.
    While the CRC has made an initial determination on potential properties, there are several issues that remain to be addressed that will provided refinements to the CRC initial decisions which influence the final recommendation to the Board of Trustees. One key issue that will influence the CRC final recommendation is the current status of student enrollment compared to projected build out of planned housing approved by the City of Dublin as well as projected housing developments not yet approved.
    The CRC will meet again on November 15, 2017 to review district responses to the list of questions submitted by the committee as well as a review of the latest demographic report, if available by the time of the meeting.


    October 21, 2017
    Doug Gephart-Project Manager

    The Community Review Committee (CRC) consists of 18 members representing every school community, district staff, and the community as a whole.  Collectively, these individuals bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and vision to the committee to address the need to evaluate possible land parcels for a future high school.  These committee members also represent 18 different view points on how to proceed and what the essential criteria should be to evaluate any land parcel for a high school.  Consequently, the committee members have been working very hard together to discuss their priorities, sharing how the committee members should value their experiences, and moving to a point of general agreement on how best to proceed.  In addition, the committee members have been reviewing background information on steps the district has previously taken to review data as well as understanding procedural issues from governmental agencies that will ultimately impact any decision by the Board of Trustees as they move to acquire a particular property.

    Prior to embarking on the evaluation process for a land parcel, the committee members spent considerable time identifying and discussing what they believe are essential criteria that should be considered before committing to the acquisition of a land parcel.  These criteria, listed below, also include several sub-criteria as noted following each of the criteria.  Utilizing these criteria, the committee members evaluate eight land parcels that could conceivably serve as a site for a future high school.  To date, the committee members have completed an initial review of three of these properties and will address the remaining properties within in the next two meetings.  However, committee members have expressed an interest in completing the initial evaluation of all properties by Saturday November 4 by extending the time for the regular scheduled meeting beyond the established ending time of 12 pm.   

    A second evaluation will be completed on all land parcels that are recommended to the Board of Trustees for consideration.


    • Site Location (18 sub-criteria)
    • Service/Attendance Area (3 sub-criteria)
    • Timeline (3 sub-criteria)
    • Financial (11 sub-criteria)
    • Environmental (8 sub-criteria)
    • Transportation (7 sub-criteria)
    • Site Availability (3 sub-criteria)
    • Terms of Regulation (8 sub-criteria)
    • Safety (8 sub-criteria)
    • Program Flexibility (7 sub-criteria)


    October 7, 2017
    Doug Gephart-Project Manager

    Project Manager Doug Gephart outlined the agenda for the meeting and clarified that district staff were keeping lines of communications open with developers to discuss availability of a land parcels and the willingness of developers to work with the school district while the CRC evaluates potential land parcels for a future high school.

    One of the first steps the CRC must accomplish is to adopt a set of criteria for the evaluation each potential land parcel for the future high school.  In addition to the criteria initially developed by the CRC, the committee also reviewed the criteria utilized by the California Department of Education who must approve any land parcel before a school can be approved for construction.  A sub-committee of the CRC will review both sets of criteria prior to the next CRC meeting on October 21, 2017 to show how the criteria align with each other.  The CRC did concur that four (4) categories were indicated as critical/most important: Site Location, Safety, Timeline, and Site Availability.

     Recognizing that a level of urgency exists to present the CRC recommendation to the Board of Trustees in a timely manner, the CRC reviewed a list of land parcels previously rejected by the Board as potential sites for a future high school.  After consideration, the CRC determined that all land parcels should remain on the list of land parcels to be evaluated once the criteria are adopted.  The CRC will commence their evaluation of land parcels beginning with the meeting of October 21, 2017.

     In addition to the criteria to be considered for the evaluation, the committee has requested to review any relevant supporting documents the district may have for each land parcel.


    SEPTEMBER 16, 2017
    Doug Gephart-Project Manager

    A short review and reminder of the Protocols and Norms, discussed at length and adopted by the Committee, was referenced with a friendly reminder and request for each committee member to honor the Protocols and Norms.  The committee discussed and adopted a Vision Statement a set of Values for the committee that will serve as a guide in evaluating potential land parcels for a future high school as follows:

    Vision Statement

     Come together as a unified committee to identify, review, analyze, and recommend site considerations for a future high school based on the best interest of our students and the community.

    Committee Values

    1. EXCELLENCE-world class education, educators, and infrastructure
    2. SAFETY-physical, mental, and emotional security of our students and community
    3. INDEPENDENT-separate and self-contained educational facility
    4. EFFICIENT-effective location access and controlled costs
    5. TRANSPARENT-maintain a consistent, open, and honest dialogue

    Each (school) site is unique and it will be self-evident over time of advantages and disadvantages.

    Land Parcel Evaluation Criterion

     A list of suggested land parcel evaluation criteria served as the main topic of discussion during the meeting with the opportunity for members to include additional criteria to the draft master list.  Additionally, the committee adopted the idea of creating general categories to frame the context of the criteria that will ultimately be adopted to form a matrix in guiding the committee to evaluate each potential land parcel for the future high school.  The categories are shared in this summary; however, the specific criteria will not be shared until after the committee modifies and refines the wording of each criterion.  Please note these are not in prioritized format and are subject to modification and rewording as the committee continues to finalize the master list of criterion.  Hopefully the criterion will be finalized by the conclusion of our next scheduled meeting on Wednesday, September 20, 2017.

    Evaluation Criterion Categories

    • Site Location
    • Service (Attendance) Area
    • Timeline
    • Financial
    • Environment
    • Transportation
    • Site Availability
    • Terms of Regulations
    • Safety
    • Program Flexibility

    The committee concluded the meeting with the adoption of a meeting schedule through the first week of November

    Overview of CRC Work Plan


    • Review/Discuss of Protocols
    • Review/Discuss of Norms
    • Review/Discuss of criteria to evaluate potential land parcels for future high school


    • Review/Discuss criteria utilized by district staff and board of trustees
    • Modify/adopt final criteria in the form of a matrix to assess all potential land parcels
    • Review city map of available land parcels
    • Establish a priority order for evaluating each land parcel using the adopted matrix criteria
    • Utilize a narrative description of each criterion as applied to each land parcel for consistency
    • Utilize district data and research as appropriate for land parcel evaluation
    • Utilize district and other resources, as appropriate, t support the adopted matrix criteria


     (Continue as appropriate)

    • Utilize a narrative description of each criterion as applied to each land parcel for consistency
    • Utilize district data and research as appropriate for land parcel evaluation
    • Utilize district and other resources, as appropriate, t support the adopted matrix criteria
    • Narrow the list of potential land parcels, as appropriate, to focus on the most viable options
    • Develop a draft report for submission to Board of Trustees
    • Finalize report and present to the Board of Trustees by a leadership group of the CRC


    SEPTEMBER 9, 2017
    Doug Gephart-Project Manager

    The Community Review Committee (CRC) convened for our first meeting on Saturday morning, September 9th, to begin the task of responding to the charge by the Board of Trustees to evaluate several land parcels for a new high school.  Members of the CRC are very talented and dedicated community members whose primary purpose is to make recommendations to the Board of Trustees that is truly in the best interest of the students and community of Dublin.

    Our first meeting focused on the charge to the CRC by the Board of Trustees, adopted a set of protocols for the meetings, and adopted a set of norms on how the committee members would interact with each other.  These are attached for review by the public. 

    The CRC agreed to provide a summary of each meeting and place it on the district’s website for review by the public.  Interested parties may pose a question or comment via google form but there will not be a direct reply to those who submitted the question or comment.  These will be reviewed by the Project Manager and shared with the CRC at a future meeting.  Summaries of the CRC meetings will be posted by the second business day following the CRC meeting.  

    The next scheduled meeting is Saturday September 16th in the C building at the district office from 9-12.  Our agenda will focus on identifying criteria to be utilized to evaluate specific parcels of land for a future high school. If you would like to contribute any criteria options feel free to complete the above google form link and provide that information.