• Athletic Physical Education Exemption


    READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREULLY! The Contract regulations are strictly enforced.

    To receive an exemption in this program you must follow all of the regulations stipulated in your contract/application and this hand out. Failure to do so will eliminate you from this program. Please read your contract and this hand out carefully.

    DHS ATHLETES: See Athletic Website for Pre-Season Meeting Information or come into Student Activities Office.  Applications will be handed out at meeting or can be picked up in Student Activities Office.


    PLAN AHEAD! Late applications will not be accepted. Turn in your application to Student Activities Office before school, after school, during lunch or your GAEL Period.

    1. Eligible hours include practices, conditioning and games. All hours must be directly supervised by your coach. Minimum required hours = 75 per semester
    2. If you are injured or have an extended illness, you must bring a copy of your doctor’s medical excuses to the Athletic Director as soon as possible. There is no option for partial Athletic PE exemption. If you cannot complete your hours you will have to make arrangements to fulfill your credits at a future date.
    3. Your transcript of all work undertaken and a current schedule of classes will be reviewed to determine your eligibility for the Athletic PE Exemption Program.
    4. Once you are enrolled in the Athletic PE Exemption program, you must complete the season as verified by your head coach upon its conclusion.
    5. Participation in the Athletic P.E. Exemption program is a privilege (not a right). At any point a student can be dropped for disciplinary and/or academic reasons.

    This program is for highly organized, independent, and responsible students and is solely initiated and maintained by the student throughout their season of sport.  The Athletic Director will monitor progression and completion of participation hours.


    Contract Regulations

    1. Student must maintain a full academic schedule (6 classes, not including GAEL) to be enrolled in the Athletic P.E program with a 2.0 GPA. Student must maintain a 2.0 GPA for their entire season.
    2. Physical Education and Athletic P.E. cannot be taken concurrently.
    3. Student must have passed the Fitness Gram in the ninth grade.
    4. Deadlines for application will be posted and enforced.
    5. Student must complete a minimum of 75 hours of practice/conditioning under the direct supervision of the coach, and complete their season of sport to receive an exemption for Athletic P.E. No grade will be awarded, but you will have an Exemption from 5 credits of the P.E. graduation credit for each season completed. A maximum of 5 credits per season can be credited in a particular season (i.e. fall sports), and there is a maximum of 10 credits of Athletic P.E. that can be exempted wile enrolled at DHS.  There is no partial credit. Hours with outside club teams do not apply. The exemption only applies to participation in the Dublin High School Athletic program.
    6. Failure to participate in the sport for the duration of the season will result in immediate removal from the Athletic P.E. Program and no credit will be exempted.
    7. The Athletic Director will verify completion of the season with the Head Coach upon its conclusion.
    8. If the student must be excused from participation for medical reasons, a doctor’s medical excuse must be submitted to the Athletic Director.  Enrollment will continue, and student must still complete 75 hours of practice/conditioning/games, and complete the season to receive credit. If the student cannot continue in the sport and/or cannot complete the hours, the student will be dropped from the program. P.E. credits will not be exempted, as students will not receive hours for “watching” practice.
    9. Student who are dropped from their teams for disciplinary reasons may lose the privilege of enrolling in the future.


    Timothy Sbranti

    Athletic Director





    Marching Band Education Exemption

    (See Marching Band Director) 

    • Only 10th‐12th grade marching band students who have passed 5 of the 6 standards of the physical fitness test may apply to exempt a semester of PE for each year of marching band participation. The physical fitness test is administered during freshman year. 9th grade PE cannot be waived.
    • Student must maintain a full academic schedule (6 classes, not including GAEL) to be enrolled in the MB P.E program with a 2.0 GPA. Student must maintain a 2.0 GPA for their entire season.
    • Physical Education and MB P.E. cannot be taken concurrently.
    • Student must have passed the Fitness Gram in the ninth grade.
    • Marching Band Students must participate in entire Marching Band Season and complete season in good standing. At the completion of the season, the Band Director will recommend students to receive PE exemption.
    • See band director for application